Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Gracie's surgery was unexpectedly bumped up to this morning and she went into the OR at about 7:40 am.

Here is the most recent update:

Dear praying friends,

The asst to the Dr. just came out and told us that Gracie is off the heart lung bypass machine. Though this is what we were praying for she did say that we are by no means out of the woods yet. Currently they are trying to get her bleeding to stop before closing her chest. Also her oxygen saturations in her body and also in her brain are low and they are trying to get them up to an acceptable stable place. Please pray very heart about the next few hours and the next few day's. Dr. Jaggers will be out to talk to us in about 45 minutes. The nurse made it clear that Gracie is still fighting for her life and has put up a great fight already today. She described it as a plane trying to stay in the air while clipping the treetops. PRAY PRAY PRAY . Will update with new information as soon as possible. Grandpa Jim for Todd and Amanda.

Adding my prayers and begging for yours!


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More about Envoy

Do you remember my review of Envoy's recent first annual Conference? If you would like to refresh your memory - click here. In the meantime, Envoy has come up with a YouTube video that shows the highlights of this summer's conference while also explaining the purpose of it.

If you would like to view the video - click here or scroll down the right side of my blog where I have embedded the video.

Watching the video made me feel so proud that we were able to participate in their very first conference and I am really looking forward to this coming one - to be held again at Belmont Abbey.

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Ha - I've still got it!

Despite years of being a stay at home mum, with its mandatory uniform of Birkenstocks & maternity clothes, alternated occasionally with a pair jeans and a t-shirt, it seems that I still have some fashion sense left.

So I felt a little intimidated when Scribbit asked for my opinion on fashion wear. In particular she was looking for suggestions as to whether to wear stilettos or pumps and should she go with gold shoes or red?

I carefully studied the dress that is being provided for her to wear to the 2008 Glamour Reel Moments in California. I knew this was a dress I would never wear unless someone paid me a million bucks to sport it off (okay, maybe for a few thousand - I would wear it) because while Scribbit is hoping to stand out in the Hollywood crowd that will be there - all I could hope to accomplish in this dress would be to look like a tarnished metal version of the blimp. Now, maybe I could pull it off in black - but not in gold.

Still, this was not the question facing her loyal readers; whether or not we could carry off the dress, but what would make the best fashion statement - stilettos or pumps? And what colour to choose so as to best set off the dress. Scribbit shared that at 6 foot, she is already towering over the average woman her age. And as she is rather willowy - she will fit in very well with the Hollywood crowd to found at this function. Still, did she want to be towering at 6 foot 4?

Again I fell to reflecting on my own situation which is that I could easily handle the extra 4 inches given that I came in third in my high school graduation class as the third shortest student. In fact even with the extra four inches, it was still not likely that I would yet tower over many of the participants there; but I would surely still draw attention in my stilettos as I careened about the lobby, stumbling about as though I had over imbibed during martini hour. No, stilettos are not for me.

Yet, even assuming that Scribbit has the grace of a gazelle while attired in such footwear, I still did not think floating serenely over the crowd by a few inches was really the statement of fashion that she was looking for. But neither did pumps seem the right answer for this very sophisticated gold dress. Hmmm? What opinion was I to offer?

As I neared the end of the post, I began to assume that we were to be encouraged to leave a comment and instead was pleasantly surprised to find a poll to answer. Better yet, we could tick off as many boxes as we felt applied.

I quickly perused the choices and immediately followed my gut feelings. I choose burgundy medium heels with open toes to show off one's pedicure as the ideal solution to finish off the polished look this dress offered and which I knew Scribbit could easily carry off.

Then I discovered the option to view the poll results and clicked. I nervously reviewed the results and was tickled to discover that I, apparently, still have a fashion sense as ALL Of my choices were in the lead. Ha - I cooed to myself, despite my GoodWill fashion cupboard, I still have it. I can still pick out a winning out fit.

Now I just need to find a few sponsors willing to finance a new fashion look for mum2twelve so that I can prove this to my readers. Any takers?

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Monday, September 29, 2008

This should be on

... my political corner - but I am still working on getting that up to speed. So here is a link to a video clip that I think is very relevant and needs to be shared so that voters can have access to accurate and vital information about the Fannie May and Freddie Mac scandals.

Here is the link.

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No thank you???

Did I hear correctly? When I tried to bribe Elsa out of my bedroom with a cookie - she declines. Most politely, yet it was still a shock. Elsa say no... to a cookie, freely offered? Possibly that was the problem, a cookie blandly offered is missing the sweet taste of victory of that of a cookie won through wheedling, begging and whining until the parent is finally worn down and passes you a one.

Yet - I was tempted to set up a Dr's appointment as I simply could not fathom a healthy child unwilling to accept a cookie, lacking the sweet taste of victory or not, especially when we are talking about a favourite cookie, one rarely shared from mummy's secret stash.

Alas, I have been proved right by mid afternoon. Elsa was feeling slightly feverish, her voice had a definite rasp to it and her nose had clear mucus dripping from it. By then I too had an ear ache on the left side where my throat later started to ache. Time to reach for the Zicam and maybe engage in a little warm salt water gargling too.

If I dissapear off the radar for a day or two - you will know why, the cold won and the Zicam lost.

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Welcome to the Church Baby Lydia...

Father begins the Baptism, assisted by the deacon. Father took his time though the baptism, stopping to explain each step. Here he begins to explain the significance of naming your child.

Father blesses baby Lydia with special oils, that smell like heaven. I always enjoy this wonderful smell that lingers for so long on the newly baptized baby and her garments. For weeks after the baptism, when I open the closet that houses the baptismal blanket that was used, this smell greets me, reminding me of that very special day when my child offically joined the family of God

Father blesses the water in the baptismal font where, in just a few short minutes, Lydia Marie is about to be baptized.

Baby Lydia has the holy waters of baptism poured on her and she becomes a member of the holy family of God.

The parents are blessed.

Father, god parents, parents, baby Lydia and Deacon all smile for the camera. Ok, Lydia just dozed, but everyone else smiled.

God parents et all...

God mother & God daughter share a moment.

Lydia's cake

Laying out the goodies...

Opa showing the world that not only women can balance a baby and a dinner plate, while Lydia appears to be giving him directions!

The God Parents, our son Jonathan and a close family friend Theresa, visit with one of Lydia's guests.

Most of the guests are gone, the party is almost all cleaned up from and Emma enjoys one last piece of baptismal cake. Emmm yum!

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Friday, September 26, 2008

Oh me! Oh my!

We just paid a private contractor to light our pilot lights on the furnace and hot water tank only to learn that the hot water tank is in need of first aid from a plumber. While the furnace, which is not yet needed, cooperated and now has a bright little flame burning away, eating up the natural gas, so that it will be ready to perform its duty when the temps fall enough to warrant calling on it - the hot water tank that is needed NOW - would not hold a flame.

So I dutifully sat down and in between a lot of other paper work that needed my attention, I penned a letter to our elderly land lady - whom we have not heard from even though three weeks ago I wrote her about the current difficulties her home is experiencing. I was so pleased with myself when I got it finished in time for the post, only to discover that I had misplaced my stamps.

Then last night and most of today - it has been r a i n i n g. We are keeping an eye on the basement and that fragile lonely pilot light and praying the basement stays dry, despite the city inspector advising us that the basement was in dire need of a sub pump.

With this rain - I really need to mail this letter to the land lady. So my 21 yr old son has walked to the post office, as he is almost out of gas and our town is experiencing a gas shortage right now, where he purchased lots of stamps for me. Now if I can just store them in a place safe from Elsa, who likes to use them as stickers, but be able to remember where I stored them - I will be in good shape for stamps for a while.

Did I mention it is raining? I usually like the occasional rainy days. It's a great time for homemade soup with fresh hot biscuits, or fresh hot stew and buttered white bread. Or maybe a hot chocolate with toast... but right now I can not really find the heart to enjoy these things...

That pleasant sloshy sound of tires whoshing over wet pavement has more the effect of nails on a chalk board right now - than adding to the quiet thoughtful mood that rain often puts me in. Now I sit in dread of each rain drop as it plops down on the wet pavement in front of the house and runs in little rivulets to join up with the puddles formed on our front lawn.

Oh me, oh my - it's raining.... I think I will take a nap and hope that when I wake up... it won't be raining and that the basement will still be dry. Or, maybe I will go make myself a hot chocolate and try to pretend I am enjoying the rain.

After all - whether I relax and enjoy the rain - or sit and stress about the basement...

... it will flood

... or not flood

... regardless of whether I worry ... or not.

And that is true of all worry. It has no power over any problem - only over one's sense of peace. Read more!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Drum Roll Please!

As my readers know - I have struggling to build up a bit of a portfolio of published material and I have been slowly gaining in this goal. And as every serious writer knows - the competition is heavy. But what to do when you encounter competition in your own home?!

Why you celebrate, of course! And show off your 15 year old daughter's published article to everyone you can find. Move over those of you with wallets full of children and grand children - I have an article to show you! And what an article it is. (Can you tell yet - how proud I am?)

So where can you get a copy of this article? Well, you can get a printed copy from Women for Faith and Family or you can go online and read it there.

(The front cover is the Franciscan Friary of St Thomas a Beckett founded in 1252 by David Og Barry in Buttevant, Co Cork, Ireland -- Ruins of a Country Church - Buttevant, Ireland, by Helen Hull Hitchcock)

I have been flipping through the pages of this magazine and they have many interesting articles to read. Articles such as Is Palliative Sedation Another Form of Euthanasia? and Political Responsibility Shapes the Culture. Both seem like such relevant readings in the current culture of death and wavering of the political wind towards Marxism and all the evil entailed with it!

On a different note - yet still relevant to today's challenges, (especially those facing women) is What Mulieris Dignitatem Revealed to Us.

To see more of the varied content of this interesting magazine - click here to view the table of contents. And, if you like what you see consider supporting this magazine/group as Women for Faith & Family operates solely on donations. For information on how to support this wonderful magazine - click here.

This organization is regularly looking for contestants between the ages of 12 - 18 to submit entries to their ongoing writing contest. To learn more - click here.

And make sure you do not miss the highlight (for me anyway) of the current issue of Voice! The Four Marks of the Church.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Update on Gracie

Here is today's post regarding Gracie. I will let it speak for itself.

Hello everyone.

Thank you for your prayers today. We had a meeting today at Duke with our family and with doctors, social work, nursing and ethics. It was a wonderful opportunity to have everyone in a room and to come together for a plan of care for Gracie. Todd and I feel that the meeting was conducted with class and we felt that our faith, our beliefs and our concerns were able to be listened to and accepted.

The doctors presented us with the following conclusion:

Without any action, Gracie is going to die. The hopes of every doctor included in Gracie’s care was for her to make progress, feed, grow and get better before the next needed surgery was done.

But, this has not been the case with Gracie. She has “stayed the same” in her progression and is not seeming to improve in her overall health picture.

So, the doctors feel that since we want every attempt made to try and help Gracie to live--they feel it is time to move forward and take her into surgery for an attempted Glenn procedure on next THURSDAY, OCTOBER 2. THERE IS A 10% CHANCE THAT SHE WILL SURVIVE THIS SURGERY. This does not mean that she would die on the operating table only, but the change could cause her body to shut down. But, the doctors said that if there was no chance at all that Gracie would survive he would not send her to the operation. WHAT IS 10% TO GOD??????

So, the only way that this surgery will not take place is if Gracie makes a dramatic improvement in the next week in health so that we can buy more “feed/grow” time. Or, if Gracie looks very sick on surgery day--they will not go forward. God could also call her home or He could return before this day, also!

So, please begin right this moment for God to perform a miracle and let Gracie’s body to come through surgery and accept the new flow of blood in her body. We are praying that He get the glory for bringing her through. Doctors even admitted that if Gracie comes through this that it would be a miracle--hence, God’s doing.

Please pray for Todd and I and the family for this week--as we know that this may be our last week with Gracie.

But, we are going to continue to trust in the God who sustained our Gracie two weeks ago today for a purpose. We believe He can bring her through this next mountain that she has to cross.

So, we have 8 days to pray hard and believe that He is able.


Thank you,

Todd and Amanda

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

PRAYING FOR LIFE and for God's will to prevail!

My brothers and sisters in Christ;

I sent out an email to many people today begging for prayers for LIFE. This is a real life and death situation.

As many of you know I have been following Gracie's care almost since her birth as my next door neighbour knows the family to whom Gracie was born. Two weeks ago, I watched and prayed over the days when almost all support was pulled as it really did seem that Gracie was dying. After most, if not all, support was removed, Gracie did a miraculous turn. It was incredible. And now that she is looking better than she ever has - the ethics committee wants her "unplugged". Satan can not stand the glory that is being given to God for every precious moment that Gracie breaths and improves.

This family's Christian faith is strong and we must support them in prayer as they pray for LIFE. I can not begin to imagine what it would be like to be in their place. But the way the political winds are blowing - many of us are going to face this situation and possibly sooner than we could ever imagine. We need to pray that this battle is won in GOD'S favour!

I have included below the two most recent journal entries from Gracie's CaringBridge web page so that you may read for yourself what is happening. These entries have been written by Gracie's parents, Tod and Amanda.

Please share this everyone that you think will care enough to pray that GOD'S will prevails.

Journal Entry from MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2008 09:08 PM, CDT

My brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus,

Todd and I are calling out to you tonight to bind together with us in prayer for God’s deliverance, guidance and power.

Gracie looks beautiful and strong today. She has breathed the calmest she has in days, even though she continued to run a fever on and off. But she looks like a fighter and she has been in mommy’s arms all afternoon.

But, there are some very influential people at this hospital who have NO FAITH. They do not believe in God. They only look at scientific evidence. THEY BELIEVE THAT GRACIE IS DYING AND THAT TODD AND I ARE TRYING TO “MAINTAIN” HER LIFE LONGER THAN WE SHOULD.


Because TODAY they sent a representative for Ethics/Humanity in to speak with us. He told us that some doctors and nurses and others are of the opinion that Gracie is dying and we are prolonging the inevitable.


So, we feel this is a BATTLE FOR LIFE!!!!



(To read the whole entry click here and then scroll down to MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2008 09:08 PM, CDT )

Journal Entry from TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 2008 08:09 PM, CDT



Here is our reasoning….Imagine that your loved one is in a severe car accident and is rushed to the emergency room. The doctor comes out and says, “(Your name), your loved one is very critical and is dying. We must do an emergency surgery. The chances of your loved one coming through surgery are very low. But, if you choose to not do the surgery, it is only a matter of time.”

So, there we are. If we do nothing, Gracie will die at some point. If she has a very risky operation when her shunt begins to fail, there is hope. God is able to take over here and can bring her through this surgery if it is His will. It is also His right to take her home with Him before she has to go through another operation. Todd and I understand that it is in His hands.

But, we are in the ER--saying--do everything you can do. The doctors have said there is more they can do; it is just very risky! They are saying that maybe we shouldn’t put her through this. Well, if Gracie dies fighting….it will be no difference from how she’s lived every moment of her life. But we’re going to try every means possible!



Of course, that’s how Gracie looks today. She is breathing a fast and her gases have looked worse than better today. We are praying that she starts looking better and not worse. So please pray about this also. We know you will and we love all you for loving and praying for Little Gracie.

Todd and Amanda


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Seeking one million children...

... to pray the Rosary for Peace. Interested in knowing more -

(photo credit from http://alice.typepad.com/cottage_blessings/images/ourladyofrosary.jpg )

Thank you M. for forwarding this info to me.

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

I, too, love Montessori!

...and here is one mum that has it down pat. I wonder how long it has taken her to collect these wonderful Montessori activities. Many Montessori activities can be reproduced cheaply - others not. Curious - Click here and here. And if seeing this mums large brood happily working with their "practical life" activities and want to know more about the history of Montessori or where to go to learn more - click here.

I was first introduced to Montessori when a neighbour dropped by one day after I had a brilliant light bulb moment and cut up some rugs into small squares for each child to claim as their own play area. Little did I know I was actually mimicking one of the tenets of Montessori. I was simply trying to cut down on squalling by developing a visible boundary so that the children could enjoy using a particular toy with out the impingement of their neighbour, who perhaps thought they should build their activity right on top of their sister's.

My neighbour, seeing the children quietly playing on their own rugs, exclaimed "Oh! I see you are familiar with Montessori". I was not, but I was about to be! Not long after I discovered a Montessori school, and the rest as they say - was history!

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Back in Action...

... sort of. Saw the chiropractor again today and he has managed to get my back so realigned that I was able to actually go out (with Hugo) and buy groceries after.

It is amazing what you can feel grateful for - once you have lost that ability. I even cleaned my closet! Imagine that! Now if I could just last long enough to tackle the rest of the house... but I must not push things but continue to feel grateful for these little baby steps.

And isn't somewhat like our faith life? I know I become so impatient to reach a certain rung in my journey that I want to give up when I am not there as fast as I want to be. Meanwhile, the good Lord is patiently chipping away at my imperfections, gently and even more perfectly than the chiropractor eases my spine back into alignment.

And even then, my muscles that learned to pull in one direction almost immediately begin to try and pull back to their more known and, therefor, more comfortable position. Again - I feel I can liken this to my slow and bumpy journey closer to God. I make it just so far and almost immediately old worries and bad habits start pulling me back - to where I was once comfortable.

But the trouble is - I am not comfortable in that old thought process any more and so I struggle to keep moving on - seeking a new comfortable spot in my relationship with Christ.

As always I will be glad for prayers as I journey on towards better spinal health and a better place in my spiritual journey! And from the looks of things - my spiritual journey is the more difficult one!

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Oh oh...

Not sure how much posting there will be for a few days. Have finally made it to the chiros and until my next visit, I am allowed to stand or lie down - not SITTING. And I had definitely noticed a stiffening in the injured area when I sat for any length of time.

So - I guess I need to learn how to type lying down!

I will try to get back to you all soon though. Prayers are always welcome. :-)

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Monday, September 15, 2008

Powerful HUGE Ike


The incredible power of nature is... well - incredible!

Our prayers go out to the evacuees and survivors all across the south western coastline as they cope with the devastation that one of the largest hurricanes on record left behind in its wake.

Almighty and merciful God,
whose Son became a refugee
and had no place to call his own;
look with mercy on those who today
are fleeing from danger,
homeless and hungry.
Bless those who work to bring them relief;
and inspire generosity and compassion in all our hearts;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

(Author unknown, original prayer located here. Please note I have not searched the whole site, I was simply looking for a prayer that would be appropriate for survivors of a catastrophe. Picture pulled from FOX NEWS)

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Begging Prayers

Oh my - I had intended to start out this post with an apology for how long it has been since I posted and then saw I had actually posted this Saturday.... which shows how looooong Sunday seemed to me.

I have been in some rather intense pain in my lower back and when I finally managed to get to the bottom of the stairs yesterday morning and burst into tears and Hugo had to get me a chair so I could sit for a moment while my back stopped spasming, I realized I was beat. Add in that crying makes the pain worse and the effort to stop crying almost cause me to hyperventilate, well, then I knew there was no alternative and that and that I was going to have to give in and go see the new chiropractor in town.

Seeing doctors who are new to me - is nerve wracking at best. Add in lack of insurance and having to cover the whole cost oneself and you have a formula that keeps me as far away from the medical profession as possible.

Please keep me in your prayers this morning as I suck in a deep breath and make that first phone call. I have already run this doctor past my last Chiro who is almost 2 hours away, now that we have moved. I have seriously been considering making the 4 hour round trip - for the sake of familiarity and trust already built up. After all - one does not trust one's spine to just anyone.

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Saturday, September 13, 2008


M. - where were you with this idea last month when we finally went through a huge basket of unmatched socks and threw out the unmatched left overs? Oh well - I guess this product that you shared with me today still would not have helped then with the unmatched socks - they were already living the single life.

Looks a little pricey, but if you can really convince your kids (or husband) to use it - probably worth the price in the time and effort lost sorting socks, socks, socks, never mind the cost of replacing those singles with couples. Check it out here and let me know if you have tried or think that you will!

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

September 11th 2008

On this day, September 11th, let us turn to our Mother Mary and ask for her prayers in addition to ours for peace.

For a little inspiration Click here to see May Feelings again - directly from YouTube.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Came home...

... from Co-op to a flooded basement. This time our neighbour's basement is also flooded. Not as badly as ours - but flooded none the less. Why does this make me feel a little less picked on?

At least we have not paid anyone to inspect the hot water tank and furnace yet. Still no word from our Land lady either. I am wondering if she is in the hospital again. Sadly - she does not leave anyone in charge when she is in hospital. I am also wondering what happens if the furnace and/or hot water tank do not pass the safety inspection???

Oh well - only time will tell. In the meantime, let's all add Texas and its coastal residents in our prayers in the coming days. May we also pray for those suffering in Cuba and other areas hit repeatedly this past few weeks. I cannot even imagine the suffering!
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Please Pray for Gracie and her family

Here is the most recent update:
You can continue to check the updates on Gracie through the link on the right "Praying for Gracie".

Dear praying friends,

Todd and Amanda asked me to give a quick update.What a help your prayers are and we need them so much now.

At 11:30 Gracie coded and compressions could not bring her back. She was given 4 shots of epenephedrine directly into heart and had no response. the Drs said she is passing away and unhooked her for Amanda to hold as she went home to be with Jesus. Her blood pressure was 40 over 11 and her breathing was down under 10. She had purple profusion and her pacemaker was pacing continuously. Todd called us and we immediately jumped in the car to come praying that we would arrive before God took her home.

Update to now: She is unplugged, her heart rate is 120, her blood pressure is 84/40, her color is beautiful and she is very comfortable in her mommy's arms and seems to be making a (Miraculous? comeback) Dr. Jaggers is coming in because he heard of her change. We do not know if the change is due to the albumen, steroids, heart medicine, vent or what but she is here and peaceful and the numbers are good. Can it be possible that God has allowed her to weather yet another storm? Amanda is afraid to put her down and we want to ride this moment for as long as our Lord allows. We don't know how you should pray, just pray that God will be God and we will see His hand. Thanks so much for the wonderful support. Todd, Amanda, Haddon, Grandma & Grandpa Lockyer, Grandma and Grandpa Brown, Pastor Finley, are here, Aunt Alicia & Josh are on there way, Uncle Jay is waiting for word, and Gods presence is filling the room and His grace is sufficient! Grandpa Jim for all! Please keep the prayers coming!!!

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Monday, September 08, 2008

Prayer request for Nathaniel

Details later but in a nutshell - Nathaniel (8) has suffered a serious eye injury and has had 2 serious nosebleeds within the past 12 hours. Nosebleeds are under control and we are switching allergy meds to help with the bleeds. He is in a lot of pain and the challenge is to keep him quiet as his eye heals so that we avoid more nose bleeds. We must also guard against infection in his eye as it heals.

So please pray for healing of his eye, his pain and that he stays calm.

Thank you!

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Sunday, September 07, 2008


Has it really been a whole week and 3 days since Aimee climbed aboard a jet and flew away across the ocean - not to be seen again until this coming February?

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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Hoe Boy....

Just got back from getting the groceries with Hugo. We hit Aldis first and then Wal-mart and you don't want to know the total. Let's just say - even I was dismayed. However we were out of quite a few staples like sugar - just a mere 2.09 a bag at ALDIS! I also succumbed to buying myself a treat or two and so got a bag of sourdough bread as well as a bag of my, all time favourite, the 12 grain variety. Both boast a price of almost 3 dollars a loaf. I really need to go back to making my own.

But what I am really lamenting is that we did not stock up on water. But then we are no longer on a well - so even if we were to lose the power as the tip of the weather front slides over us the next few hours - we will still have water. Hopefully! But then I did nto expect to be flooded with the last storm front that passed over us and we are still without hot water from that episode.

Already I hear the soft patter of rain drops on the roof and the swish of tires on the wet pavement outside our windows. I just hope I am not also treated to the sound of cracking wood and ripping branches, as I was last week.

This will post tomorrow (Saturday) as I have already posted twice today and there is the slight chance of losing the power. In this way - I can assure my readers of something new to read in the morning.

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Friday, September 05, 2008

Mother Teresa

I think this picture sums up Mother Teresa perfectly.

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From a blog about ...

... motherhood - a post all about Sarah Palin - in the words of a mum who works from home. Home being Alaska. Here is what Scibbit thinks of the GOP vice president candidate. I will be adding Scribbit shortly to my links. It is a blog I have been reading reguarly for a few months and enjoy quite a bit.

I am slowly working at increasing my link suggestions. Before adding a blog (or website), I try to read the blog as reguarly as I have time to do so. I do this as I would not like to add a link too quickly, only to later learn that there was subtle anti catholic vein I had not discovered, or something as disagreable as that. This does not mean that all of my links are pro catholic but simply as best as I can tell - not anti catholic.

I also want to take care that if the blog has ads - they re not the kind of ads that practicing Christains would find offensive. My goal is to try to add links to blogs or websites that offer positive uplifting reading and do not offend in some way.

School starts next week, we would have started this week had we not had an essential workbook or two back ordered. I have not been this happpy about starting a new school year as I have this one. We currently have a revolving chore list that is working so well that despite spending the last two days in bed with a terrible back ache - the house was still relatively in order when I was able to resume a normal life again today. Not sure what a week off my feet might result in, but it was good to see positive results after losing two days.

Another reason I am so happy with the upcoming year is that after so many weeks of research, prayer and thought - I think I finally have a curriculum that is going to really work well for us. And I have my fingers crossed that this is going to open up a slot of time that I can use reguarly for writing and researching for different writing projects I have simmering on the back burners of my mind. Projects I can not bring myself to attempt as I feel too much guilt over the time they will take.

Now I am on the eve of learning if the choices and changes I have made over the past two months will have the expected dividends I am hoping for.

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Wednesday, September 03, 2008


... for me of the GOP convention was Piper grooming her baby brother Trig. As her mum addressed the GOP convention Daddy passed little Trig to his 'big' sister, little Piper, who straightened herself up in anticipation of the honour of holding her little brother. Having passed little babies to similar sized "big" sisters myself - I was curious to see how she would cope with this honour.

Hugo and I almost collapsed with laughter at what Piper proceeded to to with her little charge. If you did not watch the convention - click here to see how she cares for him! And as you watch this gesture of love - keep in mind the media's criticism of Palin's decision to keep this pregnancy. This child is so loved and so wanted.

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Monday, September 01, 2008


on Sarah Palin and motherhood. To read them click here. Please note I have not read all of the comments shared and my linking to this article does not mean that I necessarily agree with all opinions shared here. Again - I repeat - I have not had time to read all of the comments.

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