Monday, June 15, 2009

DEFIED but not defeated!

On the sly I have been slowing eradicating sweets and replacing them with fresh and sometimes canned fruit. There have been less and less cookies purchased with the groceries the past two months.

This morning I opened my desk drawer and instead of the pen I was looking for I found this. Now I am left with several questions:

1) Who bought it... logical answer - the person most recently out for milk and bread and that was NOT me. I am sure you are rapidly coming to the same conclusion. My husband is in cahoots with the kids.

2) Who would be silly enough to hide it in MY desk drawer? Logical conclusion - someone with a guilty conscience. However, when I pulled it out of the drawer my surprise was met with a roomful of nervous giggles and some chuckling. No one sounded too laden with a heavy conscience. However the chuckles quickly became groans when I cheerfully announced that this unexpected treasure should be placed in the coffee cupboard so that we can use it as a coffee flavouring....

"Not for chocolate milk?" one lone voice dared to call out?

I did not dignify it with an answer but simply grinned. I may have been defied but I am not yet defeated.

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I am borrowing a link from Blessed Among Men with whom I offer my AMEN!

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