Wednesday, August 08, 2007

to all my readers...

I am currently considering closing my blog to the public and making it available by invitation only. Some of you may be aware that a person left a very venomous comment in response to my request for prayers while my husband I try to discern what to do with the family business. It was not on the site for long as one of my oldest children saw the comment and arranged for it's removal. She was hoping I would not see the hate filled comment. I, however, receive all of these comments in my email and so I did see it and am certain that I recognize who wrote it.

We all know that when we write publicly we will incur the dislike of some, possibly even the hatred of others but for the most part we will enjoy the company of many who enjoy your writings and will leave pleasant thoughts as comments. Sometimes I have touched a nerve and a few people have left less than pleasant comments, but nothing as hate filled as the one my son deleted today.

Please keep us in your prayers as we think about this as a family and determine what is best to do for our family. If I decide to close the blog, I will let all of you know and try to make it possible for those of you who wish to continue to read it - to do so through private invitation.

God Bless
Christi aka mum2twelve and proud of them all! Read more!

loving life...

To protect the anonymity of this family I have removed the names. But this is such a strong message of hope and love for God and life that I had to share this message. If any recognize the family and leave comments please be careful not to use the family members names.
Let me begin by expressing how much my husband and I appreciate your continued
prayers for our little newborn son . We did not expect to welcome him into the world so
soon; and consequently, it has taken a while to adjust to our new reality.

I, in particular, have been reluctant to discuss the particulars of his
health; and I thank you for respecting that need on my part. Now that he is
four weeks old, however, it is natural for people to wonder about when he
will leave the NICU, how much weight he has gained, and similar 'preemie'kinds of questions. Given your kindness as friends and prayer partners with us, my husband and I would like to share some of the things that we are praying about for our wee son.

(Personal details regarding the baby's prognosis were here... it is expected the little fellow will be in the NICU for a few months.)

Please continue to pray for his healing. We also ask that you pray for
us - for our strength and perseverance.

We believe with everything we are that each day Our Lord chooses to give
our wee son life on this earth is an intentional act of love on His part and a
blessing for us. Regardless of the physical or mental limitations he might
face in the future, we know that our wee son's life has a spiritual power that
cannot be measured.

God Bless...
signed by the mum of this wee baby boy.

Is this not a powerful statement regarding the sanctity of life and respect for God's authority over us?

Please join all of us who know or are acquainted with this family in praying for God's blessings, love, and support be felt daily by this family. Read more!

adorable grammar...

Some of Elsa's adorable turns of phrases:

"Ow! You pulled mine hair!"

"Help button me dress Mummy, pease!"

"Those are mine shoes!"

Me thinks it must be the Irish in her that causes these quaint little sayings. Read more!

Little Miracles...

My regular readers will know that my 20 year old, six foot four soon was diagnosed with Viral Myocarditis last fall. It was a shocking discovery and each test lead to more tests with more surprising results which finally resulted with our son being assigned to a cardiologist's care shortly after his 20th birthday.

We have been praying for his recovery and last week Miguel had an echocardiogram. In addition to this ultrasound of the heart a substance was fed into his heart through an IV in his arm and traced to determine if one of his valves was leaking into the other chamber. It is not.

We then saw the cardiologist today and we received good news indeed. Miguel's heart muscle which was functioning only at 45 % is not up to 56% and while one chamber is slightly enlarged it is in direct correlation with the lack of functioning of his heart muscle and his prognosis is very good. The doctor would like to see his heart muscle functioning at 70% and we are slowly edging up there.

A small miracle and happy news indeed. Thank you Jesus! I pray my son continues to heal and is soon stepped back down to his medical care being provided by his primary care physician. I thank all those who have included Miguel and his health in their prayers and ask that you continue to pray for him. Read more!