Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Prayer Request to any and all who may read my blog...

I have a wee favour to ask. Please pray for our lap top. My husband is self employed and the lap top is fairly integral to the business. This morning my husband was getting out of the bath and had the lap top a safe distance (he thought) from the tub so he could listen to Rush.
As he was getting out, he slipped in the tub and thank God is okay. However, a small tsunami ensued and flooded the bathroom. As a result his laptop got wet and immeadiatly shut down.
He has gone online and read what to do, and we have taken all of the steps. Please pray that it will turn back on in 24 hrs when we are to try again. And NO, he will not be listening to Rush in the bath anymore!

Many Blessings
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