Monday, October 17, 2005

Come join us on our trip to the NC Zoo!

It turned out to be cheaper to buy a one year family membership than to pay individually for the eleven of us who drove up. (This is often the case for us. ) So after we signed up, we each received one of the stickers you see on Elsa's back. Now remember this quote?
"Please do not shoot me with a tranquilizer. I might look like a monkey BUT I am NOT!"
I guess we really must look like monkies!

A pensive moment...

These guys were cute, I had a few other pics of them but as I explain below - I had some trouble with my zoom. There were six of them in their compound, but I only saw four rolicking about - apparently living the good life.

Termite housing in the giraffe, ostrich and zebra exhibit. There is a griaffe's head peeping over the hill in the back. I shot several photos of the giraffe that was closer, but my zoom did work so well, and I need to figure out why because a lot of cool photos came out just too light.

My darling Bethany!
This statue she is posing with was just one of many beautiful statues. I was tempted to shoot lots of pics of all the statues! Maybe next trip.

I believe this is the little fellow that has everyone in the picture below captivated.

A well earned break. Of course - I was still mobile, counting heads and snapping pics! Starting from left to right we have Jenny, John with Elsa snoozing in his arms. Gabriela, Hugo, Emma and Nathaniel in the twin stroller the zoo rents for only 8 dollars a day!Anna is standing and Miguel is slightly behind his Dad. The question was - where were Teddy, Noah and Bethany! It was question I had to tackle often. The only portion of that question that changed throughout the day was the proper nouns!

Despite so much time spent her with her pal, the gorilla, when asked her favorite animal from the day, Bethany said she loved the python best. This same python lead Emma to say when asked if she wanted it as a pet "No - he too big"
I suspect it was about 10 - 12 feet long and appeared to have a girth of 24 inches. Now if I had had more time between counting kid's heads, I might have been able to read his particulars!

"I simply don't understand why these humans get such a kick staring at me all day!"

Elsa; meet Tigger, your new buddy. Tigger; meet you new Mistress, Elsa!

I Love you Emma!

Owwwww! Help someone! This kid is as ferocious as the tiger Lala bought for her!

That was fun Mummy! Should I love her up again?

We watched this fellow pace back and forth and when he strolled over here and looked out his door, we realized he was waiting for dinner. We also realized that we too were all hungry and ready for a break and snack. After a short break we headed back to the African section to scout out the elephants who were slowly making their way to dinner and bed. By then it was 5:30 and all the animals were seeking shelter and food!

It was a great day. We slowly limped, err I mean strolled back to the parking lots where we said good bye to big sister Jenny and her beau, John. Many hugs and kisses later, we were off and not long on the road before more than half the kids were snoring!

Can't wait to visit again!
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The ZOO!!

Later today I will post pics of our trip to the zoo. I have prepared a file of pics to post but now it is time for our morning prayers and then the kids hit the books and I hit the packing room. I will be back before the end of the day. Also, Anna and I are working on a cartoon based on something that happened last week. It should be fun!

See you soon!

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