Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Came home...

... from Co-op to a flooded basement. This time our neighbour's basement is also flooded. Not as badly as ours - but flooded none the less. Why does this make me feel a little less picked on?

At least we have not paid anyone to inspect the hot water tank and furnace yet. Still no word from our Land lady either. I am wondering if she is in the hospital again. Sadly - she does not leave anyone in charge when she is in hospital. I am also wondering what happens if the furnace and/or hot water tank do not pass the safety inspection???

Oh well - only time will tell. In the meantime, let's all add Texas and its coastal residents in our prayers in the coming days. May we also pray for those suffering in Cuba and other areas hit repeatedly this past few weeks. I cannot even imagine the suffering!
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Please Pray for Gracie and her family

Here is the most recent update:
You can continue to check the updates on Gracie through the link on the right "Praying for Gracie".

Dear praying friends,

Todd and Amanda asked me to give a quick update.What a help your prayers are and we need them so much now.

At 11:30 Gracie coded and compressions could not bring her back. She was given 4 shots of epenephedrine directly into heart and had no response. the Drs said she is passing away and unhooked her for Amanda to hold as she went home to be with Jesus. Her blood pressure was 40 over 11 and her breathing was down under 10. She had purple profusion and her pacemaker was pacing continuously. Todd called us and we immediately jumped in the car to come praying that we would arrive before God took her home.

Update to now: She is unplugged, her heart rate is 120, her blood pressure is 84/40, her color is beautiful and she is very comfortable in her mommy's arms and seems to be making a (Miraculous? comeback) Dr. Jaggers is coming in because he heard of her change. We do not know if the change is due to the albumen, steroids, heart medicine, vent or what but she is here and peaceful and the numbers are good. Can it be possible that God has allowed her to weather yet another storm? Amanda is afraid to put her down and we want to ride this moment for as long as our Lord allows. We don't know how you should pray, just pray that God will be God and we will see His hand. Thanks so much for the wonderful support. Todd, Amanda, Haddon, Grandma & Grandpa Lockyer, Grandma and Grandpa Brown, Pastor Finley, are here, Aunt Alicia & Josh are on there way, Uncle Jay is waiting for word, and Gods presence is filling the room and His grace is sufficient! Grandpa Jim for all! Please keep the prayers coming!!!

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