Sunday, March 05, 2006

Hi ho Hi ho...'s on the road we go! Tomorrow early in the AM we hit the road for Ohio with only the four youngest in tow. The oldest five (of the nine still living at home, that is) are remaining behind to do school and help with the packing/shipping. Please feel free to email or fax hot meals to them - I am sure they will be quite grateful!

My husband and I are picking up merchandise for the equipment for the business, and any prayers for our safety on the road, and esp for safety for the children staying home will be greatly appreciated. Prayers for my sinus infection welcomed as well! ;-)

I hope to be able to post tomorrow night from Ohio, but we will be back by Tuesday evening if I am unable to. Anybody in Columbus, Ohio with whom we can drop in on, and share a cuppa Tim Hortens with?

God Bless!!! Read more!