Friday, July 08, 2005

Be careful what you pray for...

...because you just might get it – and not the way you planned on it either! While I was pregnant with Elsa I often prayed “God when I had surgery at 18 – it jump started my thyroid – maybe the c-section could jump start my thyroid again – and then I could lose some weight. I really want to lose some weight God.”

Well – I got through the c-section okay, and we are well on our way to recovery ten weeks later and God seems to be answering my prayer to lose weight. But not in the way I wanted. God, I have determined, truly has a sense of humour.

Elsa, while not suffering from reflux as seriously as some of my previous babies have, still has some digestive problems, especially when it comes to chocolate. Shortly after Elsa’s birth she began to inform us through gas and oodles of spit up which foods she can tolerate, and which she can’t. Tomatoes and onions were a given, and not even in my diet yet. But imagine my consternation when it became obvious that chocolate was an issue! Chocolate! If I cheat and have even just a snippet of chocolate – Elsa is simply ill the next day. Miserable and burpy and unable to settle.

So – I simply replaced the chocolate on my menu with my second favourite – molasses cookies. A particular brand is my weakness. Almost immediately Miss Elsa kicked up a fuss! Then I discovered my daily tea with it’s oodles of sugar that I used, was a problem.

Hmm – maybe asking God to intervene with this weight loss issue wasn’t going to be as easy as I thought. Yes – Elsa’s birth was going lead to weigh loss, but not in the way I imagined. Candy or cookies, anyone? I have a few boxes to give away… Read more!