Monday, July 04, 2005

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….and belated best Wishes to Canada, my native country.

We are caught betwixt and between these two celebrations. When we first arrived we celebrated both – we would have a cake with a Canadian flag on the 1st , and then watch fireworks, or have our own little celebration at home for the 4th. Sometimes we would join friends in a 4th of July barbeque.

These past years we have tended to pass over Canada Day as we became more comfortable as “Americans” and felt less of a need to hold onto our Canadian roots. In fact, to be honest, I am not as proud, as I once was, to proclaim myself as Canadian at this time in history. Canada is fast following in the foot steps of some European countries, in fact seems to be vying for first place for the most liberal laws. Today in Canada, if certain parts of the bible are read out loud in public – you have committed a hate crime. All this makes it easier to slide over the first of July, and insteadanticipate the 4th. Yet – it is not quite part of my make up – to remember that the 4th is a holiday.

BUT the kids remember – oh yes – they remember. I would like to say it is because of a deep sense of patriotism that we have managed to impart to them that leads them to feel this excitement. But to be honest, I think it is just the excitement and an excuse to celebrate.

I’m tired these days. Tired from helping to run a business, tired from sleepless nights, tired from endless dishes and schedules to follow and lesson plans to prepare for next semester. I’m more likely to look for an excuse to nap than to have a party. Yet, I have a nagging suspicion that if I don’t do something ~ a party tucked away in a corner somewhere is just going to pop out. So in an attempt to head it off and to try and somehow meet the kids’ expectations that today we MUST do something special, I am going to let them bake and decorate their own 4th of July cake. Allows a little mess, a lot of fun and after, something gooey, sticky and yummy to eat. And while the kitchen is filled with happy bakers arguing over whose turn it is to stir the batter, I will try to sneak away with the baby for a …. Nap!
"Freedom finds its true meaning when it is put to the service of the truth which redeems, when it is spent in seeking God's infinite Love which liberates us from all forms of slavery. Each passing day increases my yearning to proclaim to the four winds this inexhaustible treasure that belongs to christianity: 'the glorious freedom of the children of God!' " --St. Josemaria, Friends of God, 27.--
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