Saturday, January 24, 2009

my apologies....

...for disappearing off the edge of the bloggers world. But I have been too sick to blog. Cecilia and I are slowly making a come back. While we were struggling my three oldest children ( who still live at home) managed to make it to the March for Life and with their Dad, who drive one of the youth group vans. It was an awesome experience for them. For those of us at home it was a very lazy two days filled with P&J sandwiches and lots of movies. I simply could not do more.

Now my husband has put his back out... Monday will see him at the Chiropractors.

On the GOOD side of things... Cecilia Therese was baptized today. It was a nice quiet baptism followed by coffee at a local coffee shop - the very same one my shower was held at. Lots of pictures were taken and I will try to share them soon. The reception is next Sunday as our oldest daughter and her boy friend fly in from Ireland to meet the newest little sibling. Apparently though that is Super Bowl Sunday???

Can you tell we are not big football fans? I don't think I have EVER watched a Super Bowl Sunday so I had not a clue when I planned this. At any rate - I have been too sick to get the word out about the reception to many people anyway. Now I am wondering if many will be able to attend anyway? Oh well - we have such a large family that we are a party in ourselves when we all get together.

I am hoping to be a little more consistent with the blogging soon. But it all depends on our health! Blessings to you all and thank you for the continued prayers.

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