Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Ohio, here we come!

Back into the natural swing of things after a weeks bout with the flu followed immeadiatly by Christmas. Today I have one child is drawing a poster sized themometer for me for a family project, (details to follow later) and several others are enjoying the art supplies they received from good Saint Nick and baby Jesus. (Anyone, besides me, wondering what Dan got Danielle??)

I am cleaning. cleaning and cleaning some more while I prepare for a 24 hour run to Ohio. Tim Hortens anyone? I am hoping to remember my camera and take pictures of the awesome Nativity scene they have in Columbus. Let us pray no more German Shepherds narrowly avoid suicide under our wheels. Not sure my heart can handle it.

Later I must check the weather and decide if I have to pull out mittens etc for this 24 hour run. Ack! It would probably be easier to do it the other way - have to head south in the winter months. Mittens would already be out and we could just dress in layers in clothes that are already in the childrens drawers.

Look for awesome pictures of the Nativity soon! Read more!

Keeping the baby Jesus' bed warm...

Each year we set out the Baby Jesus' bed at the beginning of Advent. On the first day we put it out, it is just an empty basket. Beside the basket is a vase filled with scraps of cloth and bits of yarn. Throughout Advent the family fills the bed with acts of charity.

There are few rules to follow.

1) Do not question the amount of yarn or cloth someone is putting in the basket. What they did to earn the right to put the amount they are putting in is between them and God.

2) Do not question how much cloth or yarn someone is taking out. If they have done something uncharitable - again, that is between that person and God how much they think they have hurt the baby Jesus by what they have done.

I guess, though, we did a pretty good job lining the Baby Jesus' bed as our kitten, Milo, seemed to be finding it very comfy a whole week before Christmas Eve! Read more!