Thursday, August 07, 2008

Good Evening...

I am posting late in the day as opposed to early as this morning I decided to forgo the computer or at least try to not touch one until downstairs. (Trust me! You do NOT want to know how many computers in this house there are. I'm not even sure I could tell you without stopping to count on my fingers.) My goal was to have a better school day and a more organized household at the end of the day.

Ummm - I managed to get downstairs and bypass the computer in my bedroom. Then I immediately pounced on my husband's laptop and then asked for headphones so as to drown out the piano practicing taking place. With five taking lessons - there is almost always someone on the piano, even at seven am.

We had a slightly better school day, definitely more piano practice, but we still have two bedrooms that qualify for the twilight zone as to what all is on the floor. It was the little girls' laundry day and most of it has actually been washed and put away & we did manage to eat by 5 so our 21 year old could join us before leaving for night classes at the local college. Still it could have been a better day! Tomorrow is a new start - right. Heck, tonight is a new start!

Anyhoo - here I am posting at this late hour of 6:37 pm but I have a child waiting my assistance in their "twilight zone".

My main purpose for posting today is to say that I have some plans swimming around in my head. I have been hoping to snaggle my husband into helping me to set up an actual website that would give me more freedom as to design, photo placement and pull the themes of my two blogs together. If you are a relatively new reader than you may not know I have another blog, rarely seen or updated that is focused on reviews of book and movies. However (loud heavy manipulative sigh) I have not been able to get him away from his work and studies long enough than to do more but nod sagely at my wonderful and creative ideas!

I want to get that one geared up and in action again, but to be honest my lack of organization leaves me paralyzed with guilt and thus inaction. And I have yet a third blog that will be opened soon but will a 'read by invite only' blog for reasons to be explained later. As soon as I have it in better shape, I will let you know and those who would like to have a peek at it can request an invite through the comments section.

So you can see why I need to forgo the computer in the morning and do my writing in the evening when I can do it guilt free and actually accomplish something more than I am now. Which to be honest is a fraction of what I could be doing.

Now, with great trepidation, I am off to one of the two twilight zones remaining upstairs. Say a prayer that I find my way back!

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