Saturday, March 04, 2006

Under Construction

Today I will be taking valuable time from the business to work on a project for the kids. They are all very curious as to what I am doing. Mums the word, but I am creating a racetrack of sorts on a poster... Details to follow!

Wish me luck and the kids .... patience!

And heeere are the results from last weeks poll! (almost forgot to post them!)

Our Father came in first at 62 %,
Guardian Angel came in at a close second at 29%.
St Michael came in third at 9%.
The other prayers came in as follows:
Angelus 7%
Memorare 3%
Morning Offering 3%

Besure to check out the new poll and, if you are doing more than one of these activities for Lent, vote again another day. Phooey.. I forgot to add other. Well, back to the drawing board! Read more!