Thursday, October 15, 2009

More pictures - as promised

(Believe it or not Miss Bethany is actually sitting in her hoops on the ground. It was easier to sit in them than I thought they would be - but much more difficult to walk in than I imagined! Also you had to place a baby just so on your lap - or the hoops would cut into you leg. Something I realized while sitting for TWO hours with a 9 month old on my lap. )

Miss Bethany in her hoops with her younger brother Master Nathaniel. They strolled the grounds of Hall House lending atmosphere for the many people touring the area. Down the block from Hall House was a reenactment of period soldiers camping on the lawn of another historic treasure. Sadly we did not think to stroll down and snap some pictures of them. I would have like to have done that... Well - maybe we will make it back there next year and the soldiers will be there too!

Still more pictures to come.... Yes - I admit it - I'm stringing them out.... Life is incredibly busy and I don't want to spoil you will super long posts filled with tons of pictures... and then disappear for a week or two cause I am too busy to post!

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