Monday, December 18, 2006

Buurp! Prayers Please!

Burb! Burb! Burb! A lot of us, esp myself are burping quite a bit these days. The question is - is it a pyscholocial response to a very sick baby girl who is tossing her cookies every hour, or are we all fighting this nasty bug that has baby Elsa in it's vicious grip!

So I am asking for prayers as we head into the last week of Advent when the light of coming birth of the Baby Jesus grows larger and our hope grows with it. I hope and pray that I can keep my eyes on Jesus this last week, whatever this week brings! I pray that Elsa recovers quickly. There is little harder in the world than to have to watch a child suffer, and it seems the younger they are, the harder it is.

And now (burp) I will head off in search of a tea and a little sustenance, both spiritual and physical. Read more!