Friday, October 21, 2005

Progress... sort of!

Over heard from the artist's corner:

Mummy: Okay, so here's what I want... mumble mumble mumble. Okay? Whatcha think, Anna?

Anna: Umm - Okay, I'll try again.

Minutes later.

Anna: Sooo, what do you think of this, Mummy?

Mummy: Hmmm, I'm not sure. The eyes aren't quite right yet. See, look at this cartoon you did before. The eyes are bigger.

Anna: Stares at Mummy, crumples up a page and throws it at her when she turns away to work at computer again. Mummy laughs, throws paper wad back and nails Anna in the forehead.

Five minutes later

Anna: Okay - now, what do you think?

Mummy: Emmm, uhh not yet. Here let me try.....

Silence... scribble scribble... erase erase scribble scribble.

Mummy and Anna look at the effort. Peals of laughter fills the room, while Mummy tosses page back into Anna's lap and says; Umm, now that I have TOTALLY wrecked it - you fix it, okay?!

Minutes later - first block in the strip we are working on - is ready... only three more to go before we publish it for you! Read more!

Prayers please... again!

I so hate to do this because I try to keep my blog up beat and positive while also sharing the reality of life as a large family. Challenging, difficult, but also filled with joy - usually when you least expect, and most need it.

Today though I am to the point of tears due to being ill for the third time since mid July. I am so tired of being ill. I know so many who are suffering and suffering much more than I, but today - I feel beat. Pease remember me in your prayers as I have been sick this third time for a while now, and today the pain I have in my back is pretty bad. Those who read my blog who are parents know full well that we mums can not afford to be sick, esp when you have other little ones also ill. And I do. Several of them are asthmatic and when they become ill, it can become a real challenge to get them well again. Two of my asthmatics are sick... again.

Of course, I realize that this is most likely positive proof of the fruits of our increased prayers. The devil does not like it when we try to get closer to God and will attack us - generally where we are weakest. The devil has been trying hard since we started our daily Rosary and, as I posted earlier, was almost successful in getting me in my largest archilles heel. Since that did not work... the health problems resume.

So I humbly ask you all to lift me up to the Lord, whenever you have a chance today. I have felt the power of prayers before, and it is simply amazing. As a family we have even experienced amazing miracles of healing, which someday I will share with you. (Yes, in the plural - we have been very blessed!)

Later today Anna and I will work some more on the cartoon I hinted at earlier. It is a challenging idea I have put forth to such a young artist and she is striving to meet it. The perspective of depth is a hard one in this story line I want to tell, this time only through the cartoon. She and I are also embarking on a book of cartoons, with input from Gabriela for the cover of the book. We are very excited about it and will keep you all informed as to it's progress. (There! Now having announced it... puts the pressure on! :-)

Since I know that most, if not all of you, who read my blog today will probably pray for me - I thank you now!


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