Friday, October 30, 2009

Calling All Catholics...

October 30, 2009

Here is the body of an email I received today from Catholic Voice. Please read, pray and then act as your conscience dictates. We left a country that offered socialized medicine and even with all our struggles here during those long years of no insurance and little income - we only ONCE considered moving back. That was the day my OBGYN said that he would only deliver Elsa via a C-section. I spent about 30 minutes looking at the availability of doctors in the areas we could conceivably find some kind of work in and quickly saw that the odds of finding a Dr taking in a new patients was less than nil. My brother and sister and law had to beg her old family Dr to take them as patients when they moved back to New Brunswick from Alberta. They are lucky there are doctors in their town. The small town my parents are closest to - has NO doctors and they have to drive an hour to the closest city to see a doctor. That is what you can anticipate in your future if this health reform passes...

In addition to that - read our Bishops concerns about this bill:

Dear Catholic Voice North Carolina Participant:

The Catholic Bishops of the United States have issued an urgent Call to Action regarding the health care reform debate that is currently underway in the United States Congress.

The Bishops have concluded that the three bills under consideration are seriously flawed in the following areas:
1) mandating the use of federal funds to pay for abortions (which is contrary to our current federal law),
2) forcing health care workers and Catholic medical institutions to perform medical procedures in violation of their religious conscience and
3)(fails in) providing adequate access to health care for the poor and immigrants.
We invite you to visit the Bishops website that is dedicated to this issue and to contact your elected representatives as soon as possible. You can do so by going to the Bishops website or by visiting your respective diocesan website.

Thank you
Catholic Voice North Carolina
Please do inform yourself about this controversial bill and act accordingly. You owe it to yourself, your children and especially your grandchildren who will suffer the most from the consequences of this bill.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

PSSSST! Want in on a great bargain???

Have two years already flown passed by since John and Jenny got married and has little Lydia who was just born last year already become a toddler? With a growing family - comes growing expenses, as we all know! So to help meet the costs of raising a growing family - Jenny has branched out into Mary Kay and has become a rep with her own WEBSITE! To help jump start her sales Jenny is offering a three day sale on all website orders!

Here in her own words are the details of the sale:

Anyone who orders off of my website before Thursday October 29th 2009 (by 11:59pm) will receive 15% off of their total order! I am also offering free shipping and handling, and a free product sample. There are loads of items for under $10 and even some great mens' products. If you are not a big makeup person, Mary Kay also has great skincare products! (Free S/H in the Continental US only)

I have been having some early morning fun playing with the virtual make over. You can actually upload your own photo and for the fun of it I cropped a picture of myself and **uploaded it. It is amazing software that carefully examines the picture you uploaded and helps you pin point your lip corners, eyes etc. It was very easy to work with and a lot of fun. So much so that I am going to get one of the kids to take a picture of me as per the instructions of how to take a good makeover photo and play some more. I might even share the before & after shots! So stay tuned and make sure that while you wait with baited breath for these photos of me you check out Jenny's website and save save save. Now would be a great time with Christmas less than TWO MONTHS away to pick up some gifts AND even some stocking stuffers. FIFTEEN PERCENT OFF AND FREE SHIPPING!

Come on - I'll race you over there. And hey - if anyone else is crazy brave enough to post before and after photos on their sites - leave a comment so we can all applaud the results!

Remember the sale ends October 29th (2009) midnight Don't miss out on it!

** If you want to upload a photo of yourself they do ask you to create an account where you give your name and email address ONLY. There is no request to purchase anything. Alternatively you can chose a model - which I initially did. When you use that option they do not ask you to create an account. While using the virtual make over no Credit card info or mailing address is asked for. When I went back to the site I was able to sign in and voila there was my cropped photo already for me to play with again. Better than playing dress up with Barbie - I promise!

(Free S/H in the Continental US only)
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Monday, October 26, 2009

Saint hood - working on it.

I think God invented government bureaucrats to help the rest of us achieve Sainthood
a little more easily sooner than we would without them.

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

UPDATED too cute...

Elsa and Bethany... read all about it HERE!

Oooops! Carrie has pointed out in a comment that this blog is blocked. I should have known that as it is my daughters blog! I will post her little story directly here as soon as I have time. My apologies! (Blush!)


Here is the little conversation this post was supposed to link to. (This post is from Bethany's little blog which is open to friends and family, I'll add the picture Bethany chose for her post later.)

I have a sister, err..... man named Elsa. To understand why I am calling her my little man, you will have to read this conversation.

Me: Grrr! I am a monster who eats little girls!!! Rawr!
Elsa: On nooo! Well, I am a grown up.
Me: Oh, you are?
Elsa: Yes, (she deepens her voice here) and I am also a MAN even though I am so small! Read more!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Want to see what we have been up to?

Last weekend our church had a huge fund raiser. There were goodies to sell and eat and games for the kids to play. Then there was the cake walk - an interesting sort of lottery. You would buy a ticket for 50 cents to walk (to music) around on a circle of numbers until the music stopped. At this point someone would pull a number - if you were standing on the number, you got to choose a cake from the rows and rows of cakes.

For the south it was an extraordinarily cold day, I think it only reached maybe 40 and the breeze was blowing quite heavily so I spent most of my time inside. However they had a table outside which featured some goodies that the children along with their best buddies had baked and decorated under the direction of Peggy and I. For a glimpse at some of our favourite concoctions click here. And no - the 12 dozen that she wrote that we baked and decorated is NOT a type o and I don't what sleep she is talking about 'cause I know when we were finished baking and cleaning I crawled into bed and collapsed and did not get up again until the next morning! Cecilia is teething - need I say more about lack of sleep???

(PS - be sure to click on Peggy's picture so that it opens and you can see the cupcakes more closely as the details are a real 'treat' to look at!)
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Thursday, October 15, 2009

More pictures - as promised

(Believe it or not Miss Bethany is actually sitting in her hoops on the ground. It was easier to sit in them than I thought they would be - but much more difficult to walk in than I imagined! Also you had to place a baby just so on your lap - or the hoops would cut into you leg. Something I realized while sitting for TWO hours with a 9 month old on my lap. )

Miss Bethany in her hoops with her younger brother Master Nathaniel. They strolled the grounds of Hall House lending atmosphere for the many people touring the area. Down the block from Hall House was a reenactment of period soldiers camping on the lawn of another historic treasure. Sadly we did not think to stroll down and snap some pictures of them. I would have like to have done that... Well - maybe we will make it back there next year and the soldiers will be there too!

Still more pictures to come.... Yes - I admit it - I'm stringing them out.... Life is incredibly busy and I don't want to spoil you will super long posts filled with tons of pictures... and then disappear for a week or two cause I am too busy to post!

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

strolling down memory lane...

...with our favorite photographer: Paul Tomas Will you join me? Paul also has a new site with more beautiful portraits, including one of Jenny and Lydia when she was a newborn. Check it out and see why Paul is our favorite photographer.

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

In the wee hours of the morn

As seems to be the custom these days or should I say nights, Elsa woke around 2 or so in the morning to use the toilet in our room and simply climbed back into our bed instead of making the long trek back to her room... Before it was light out she awoke in our bed and left my room for a short time. Before long she was back crawling under my sheets grumbling to herself.

"Don't know why she can't wake up to help me look. Don't know why she's so mad at me. Hmph!" She pulled the sheets up to her neck and grumbled a bit more to herself, prompting me to ask.

"Who did you ask to help you look for something?"


I could well understand why Emma dd not want to wake up to look for something before it was even light out. But my curiosity was peaked. What was Elsa looking for at that ungodly hour! Maybe her brown shoes... which we had found on Sunday but perhaps had missed being placed back on the shoe shelf after Mass?

"So, what were you wanting Emma to help you find, Elsa?"



"Do I hafta tell you?"

Hmmm - now I was really curious.

"Were you looking for your shoes?"

"I don't want to say!"

"Did you lose something that not yours?"

"Mummmy.... I don't want to tell you!"

A huge yawn interrupted my response and I decided to let it go, it was not long till the sun would rise so I just rolled over and we were both asleep before long.

In the morning I found ONE brown shoe in the hallway so I think they were probably the culprit keeping her awake in the wee hours of the morn. I'll show her the two of them that made their appearance as I cleaned her room this morning and see if she will then fess up as to what was worrying her!

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

What did some of the kids and I do today?

We participated in October Tour as Docents at Dr Hall's house from the Civil War era. And as a picture is worth a thousand words I will say no more...

Anna and Gabriela in their hoop skirts in front of the house.

Anna sharing the details about the cooking in the kitchen. This is one of the few remaining NC civil war era kitchens that have been restored to their original condition. Nathaniel hung about lending atmosphere to the place.

Here is a group photo of all of us, from the family. who participated today.
It was such a lot of fun!

Little 9 month Cecilia in a 100 yr old dress, the very same that she was baptized in.
Does she not look very period in it?

And this is just a taste of the many wonderful photos my friend at Good Remedy took today. Look for more to come over the next couple of days...

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Oh oh!

Elsa was cuddled up next to me this morning and I asked her "Say, do you know where your new brown church shoes are?"

Her response did not inspire confidence: "Oh Mummy, can't we just talk about this tomorrow, pleeease."

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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Feast Of Our Lady of the Rosary

Here is a site that offers links to readings and messages from previous popes
regarding this feast day.

In addition to praying the Rosary today - we will bake some cupcakes and then string them out like a Rosary. Yumm! Will you be doing anything today you would like to share with us? Leave a link to your blog or share your idea in the comments section. Happy Feast Day!
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Saturday, October 03, 2009

why am I not posting as often as I used to before we moved...

It could have something to do with sleep deprivation. Here is how a typical night goes here for me. At about 9 pm Cecilia and I will tumble into bed and she will nurse for 15 - 20 minutes until she falls asleep. Experience has taught me not to move for the next 10 - 15 minutes until I am certain she is in a deep sleep. At that point I can possibly roll over and fall asleep myself but not always. Sometimes my brain is still going a million miles a minute while my body is screaming
s l e e p.... s l e e p....

When that happens I often put a Netflix instant watch movie on my computer and watch it until I fall asleep. Bad plan that... because usually the bright screen wakes me when the movie ends and the credits are rolling. Then I put on a radio show that I listen to as I drift off back to sleep. Why do I do that? Because listening to someone talking away in the background helps to distract me from my racing thoughts...

Sometimes in addition to listening to a program I will simply recite a prayer over and over. Usually the Lords prayer. Eventually I doze off. At about 12 Cecilia typically wakes for a sleepy snack, Again, once I am sure she is slumbering deeply I roll over and fall back asleep.

Frequently we will entertain a guest or two during the wee hours of the morning. This night it was Elsa's turn. She was very thirsty... I shared my water bottle with her a few times until her thirst was finally slaked. She then settled herself down between Cecilia and Hugo pulling my blankets onto herself. Hence I continued to wake, on and off, because I was cold. I did not want to risk waking Cecilia in an attempt to remedy the situation. Even if somewhat uncomfortable I was still able to doze - a luxury I would lose if Cecilia was to wake up. Around 4 'ish Cecilia again snacked and before I knew it - it was seven am. It was light out and Emma pounced through the door filled with delight at the new day stretched before her and joined our already crowded bed. Hugo left to dress and attend Mass while I tried to pretend there were not three little bodies slammed up against me in one manner or another and tried to steal a few more moments of sleep. Strangely I felt as though I had never gone to bed and sluggishly wondered why I always wake up as tired as when I went to bed.

I figure its going to be at least another year or two before I start getting a good nights sleep again so perhaps I need to place my vitamins beside the tea box - I just might remember to take them with my morning tea if I do that. In the meantime while I try to cope with so little energy and a continuous back ache I might drop a note off in God's complaint box and ask Him why little ones have so much energy whilst those of us who are charged with their well being have so little....

Hence these days I am struggling just to get through the day, more often than not praying for the graces I need just to get through the next 15 minutes. I have some coping mechanisms in place that since our grand son has been born I have been too distracted to use. Things like a meal plan so we don't have to think about what the next meal is - its on a list and requires NO thought. Even daily Mass has fallen by the way side for me and I really need it.

So - while we have Internet again - it is often days before I can find the time to read other blogs let alone write something entertaining and worth sharing for my readers. I would love to have some witty and pithy comments to post frequently but my little gray cells are struggling just to keep up with the numerous Dr appointments we have these days and they just don't seem to have any energy left for you - my dear readers! I have even toyed with closing my blog as I feel that I am letting you all down with the lack of posts.

Still it is how a few family members keep up with us from a distance so I am hanging in there. Keep those prayers coming please! I really need them these days and hope to be back on the wagon soon. God Bless you all - those of you who are still loyally stopping by and checking in to see if I have had anything of value/amusement to share.

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