Thursday, January 17, 2008

Going for a fourth.... I catching my readers off guard? Making you worry that maybe you should start reading me daily again? Nah - don't worry. Maybe tonight I will get enough sleep to be able to focus on the more important things in life - like laundry, meals, grant proposals. Don't worry - I don't think I will top the number of posts today for quite a while.

In the meantime - I am here to tell you that while waiting for Canada Revenue to decide to either a) install more phone lines,
b) hang the phone up from their lunch break
c) for the majority of Canada talking to Canada Revenue to hang up so I can get through,
I have continued to entertain myself by doing further research on the origins of Canuck, aka Cannuck, aka Kanuck.

I was successful, but in the interim realized that while I do not miss Canadian taxes, I do miss Canadian humour. To share in my enjoyment - click here. (Note the last name given by the person writing in to ask the origins of Cannuck) Read more!

WHAT? Another post, THREE in one day?

This is what happens when you are brain dead and trying to complete paper work that entails frequent online research. You get sidelined by interesting questions like what is the origin of Cannuck... which leads you to stories online - like this one: Click here to read!

As to the origin of Cannuck (AKA canuck) - still working on that, in between getting busy signals from Revenue Canada. Who would have thought Canada's equivalent to the IRS would be so popular - or maybe they just took the phone off the hook for lunch!

PS for those who click to read the story above - the author does a great job of explaining various Canadian terms but forgot to explain that the Hydro bill is not the water bill - it is Electric bill. This is because so much of Canadian electricity is derived from Hydro Dams. Read more!
Some days this is how I feel as Elsa trails behind me asking "Ooopa Mummy Ooopa!"
(Ooopa is a Spanish/Argentinian term for up, spelling probably not accurate, but Hugo is not home for me to check.)
Read more!

Too tired, too sore...

... to move let alone think of something worthwhile to post. Most of us are down with some nasty flu bug that I swear must be traveling via the internet disguised a a computer virus as we have hardly been anywhere but on the internet these days. Yet everyone I know has/had this flu!!!

So once more I beg my readers for their prayers. We woke to a beautiful light blanket of snow covering the ground and about six stuffed, snuffling noses pressed to the windows - pining for snow boots so as to be allowed to play in this ever so rare occurrence. And despite the light rain that is now melting everything away and threatening to turn into freezing rain, several volunteers lined up to walk to the puppy.

In truth the children are too sick for me to allow them to enjoy this snow for more than it takes the time to walk to the dog. Please pray for me to have the graces to deal wit the frustration the littlest ones will have about not being allowed out to enjoy this miracle of whiteness and pray for my tired, sore body that has spent the past number of nights squeezed between two small bodies that might as well have been stone boulders for all the rest I got.

Please also pray for our eBay sales - as things stand it will be at least a month, maybe two, before we receive any pay from my new job and Hugo's new venture, and if we lose the power due to freezing rain - we will not be able to monitor potential customers questions and concerns. A power outage can be very disastrous for an eBayer.

And thank you ALL for all of your prayers. If I disappear for a while - it could be the weather or just plain fatigue! If your comments do not get moderated though, you will know it is the weather. (Or we were not able to pay Internet bill!!)

God Bless
Christi Read more!