Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I am spoiled...

... I really am. I look at awesome pictures from various blogs and admire the pretty snow. And I sigh at my romantic memories of sliding with the children. Bundling them up to take for a walk, pulling whoever was the current baby behind me in a sled. Catching small snowflakes on both my tongue and eyelashes. Watching children create snow angles, smiling as I remembered my own attempts, in vain, to get up without messing up my angel.

But then we have spots of weather down here in NC when it is so warm that I have to open the van windows if I am out driving - like I had to tonight. There was a softness to the fresh air and I glanced at the porches filled with laughing couples and families enjoying this spring like weather as I passed them driving home from visiting my boys.

And I realized just how spoiled I have become - how used I have become to such gentle and happy days such as this one today, here in the south. Or maybe I am just acclimatizing to my southern home where I have resided now for eleven full years. Regardless of what it is - I felt so grateful tonight for the taste of spring we have been granted several times this winter. Read more!