Saturday, April 22, 2006


Today I was pondering the age old question that has become a visitor to me much more often than it did in my twenties. The question of energy and why is so much of it i granted to small children whilst the parents, who were not smart enough to value it when they were children, have so little?

How unfair it is, I murmered to myself that Emma hops about, filled not only with joy for life but also so much exuberant energy. She races from one piece of mischief to another, sometimes with a a partner in tow and sometimes not. And of course, any partner in crime she has also has energy to spare!

But is any of it shared with me? No. Why oh Lord do you waste - yes, waste this energy on such little ones and leave us, who must run after, provide for and protect these little ones, with so little energy in our old, err, middle age?

And I heard an answer. Yes, I did. Once more our Lord chuckled in my ear as He whispered the answer.

'I have blessed you with sufficent energy to begin each day, and for the rest you must remember to turn to me, daily, hourly, even moment by moment. In this way I keep your eyes focussed on Me, for I am a jealous God.

When you were a child you believed in me implicity. Your faith was simple and your mind was not troubled by worries and cares that leave you buried in the world. You were easily delighted by a butterfly as it fluttered past you and the grass as it tickled your toes. Without even knowing it, you acknowledged and worshiped me through your pleasure in the world that I created for you. But as an adult the worries and cares of the world press in on you, taking you away from Me.

When you are tired, you MUST turn to me and acknowledge your need for Me. Then I will bless you with all the energy you need, and more. Just turn to Me and ask... Ask and you shall receive. ' Read more!