Saturday, July 14, 2007

Christmas come early.

I feel as though I Have been handed a Christmas gift. In less than three weeks I will begin to add two weekly appointments to my busy schedule.

Aha, you think, sarcasm abounds. You could not be further from the truth though, if you are thinking that.

But how is it then, that a woman who finds it difficult to find time to brush her teeth, would be excited to add two regular weekly appointments to her already hectic schedule.

Because, they are speech therapy sessions for Nathaniel Paul whose speech is severely impaired. We have struggled these past years, since his hearing returned, trying to understand him.

Our delight, and his, is almost indescribable. We been told to expect quick results. I will keep you posted about his progress. Read more!

A moment of gratitude

Tonight while out on errands, my husband had our 4 year old, Emma, with him. As they were driving home they were talking about the yummy things we would eat and my husband said and "we will also have lots of hugs and kisses."

"Lots of hugs and Kisses?!" Emma repeated

"Yes, we are suppose to give children lots of hugs and kisses because they are so wonderful."

To which Emma replied:

"You know something Daddy, I am so happy with the family God gave us. God is so good and kind" Read more!