Monday, May 18, 2009

Good News re Michael B as well as CP's 4 yr old son...

We received word today that Michael was to be released from hospital and able to head home! As soon we know anything about his kidneys and how they faired through out the ordeal we will let you know. Again as said before the family is incredibly grateful for everyone's prayers.

C.P.'s 4 year old son did well during the actual CT and in addition to that - the parents learned the results today... when it was thought the wait would be longer. I received an email thanking everyone for their prayers and the wonderful news that there were no abnormalities observed. So while the cause of this 4 yr olds migraines remains a mystery, he does not have any "inter cranial abnormalities present". Something I think we were all worried about. They will continue to try and discover the cause so continued prayers will be gratefully appreciated.

I, personally, can not imagine having to deal with a 4 year old having a migraine, its hard enough to watch an adult suffer with one! I hope and pray they find the cause of this suffering soon so that it can be treated and hopefully stopped!

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