Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Where have I been the past week?

Things have been pretty quiet the past week on my blog because Saturday morning my husband and I took the family to South Carolina to explore for a new home. We cannot afford to continue to live in the area we are currently located in.

After exploring South Carolina we returned to the Charlotte area and stayed in a hotel there so we could check out the Mass at a very nice church in the area.

We visited with our second oldest daughter, Jenny, and then returned home, deposited a number of children with their older brothers and left within two hours for a business trip with three children.

So since last Saturday I have been to Spartenburg, SC (absolutely beautiful) back to our part of NC, traveled though SC again, then Georgia, Florida, Alabama, hit Georgia again and then SC where we explored Greenville - another really beautiful city, and then finally made it home again at about midnight. By the end of the trip Elsa was a nervous wreck and would not let go of me - she grasped my arm even in her sleep. Too many people had not been able to resist touching her golden red curls and she is a rather shy baby!

The end result of the past few days - beside collecting merchandise from Fort Eglin in Florida, we have decided to try and conference with our parish priest and look for guidance as to where to try and settle. Our first, very first, priority is a good parish where the Mass is reverent and large families are welcome. It needs be in an area where we can afford housing for a large family within 30 minutes of our new parish. If we can not find a home with sufficent land and some out buildings where we can run our business from, then we must try to locate in an area where warehousing is also cheap. It is a tall order. Thank Heavens there is a God! We will need HIM! We will also need everyone's prayers.

I have a lot of funny stories to share over the next few days! I just hope I can find the time to write them!

Blessings to you all! Read more!