Saturday, April 01, 2006

Terri Schiavo died... year ago yesterday. I knew the anniversary of her death was coming up, but was unsure of the exact date, I am ashamed to say. The past week I have been thinking about Terri and wondering how to honour her memory on my blog.

Today I received a forward from a friend that was about the book Terri's parents have written. I believe that as a Catholic who claims to be pro-life I have a duty to buy this book so as to make a statement to the world that euthanasia is wrong. Abortion is wrong. The death culture we have found ourselves steeped in is wrong.

So how does my buying a book help? Well, if I can help shoot this book up onto the Best Sellers list then it will bring this book to the media's attention. If it catches the media's eye - it will be brought to our politicians' attention.

If we can, with our dollar, show that there is such an interest in this topic; that a book written by the parents of an innocent victim who was sentenced to death, climbs into first place on the best sellers list - hopefully the politicians will realize that a large segment of their voters care about the rights of the disabled population. And after all - it seems that for the majority of the politicians - it is all about the vote.

I have recently added blogsforTerri to my links on the right, just below the novena for the end of abortion. Below my daily posts you will now find a list of bloggers who have committed to assist in the fight for life by blogging, on a regular basis, about this precious right to life. Please join us by buying this book and/or by joining this group of bloggers. We must keep Terri's memory alive because, daily, innocent people are being starved to death HERE in the US.
Victims who can not speak for themselves and many, who do not have the advocates that Terri's family tried to be for her, are dying the same slow, tortuous death she died. We just are not hearing about it. Somehow, Terri's family was able to garner the medias' attention and so she died a public death - but there are others who need us to speak out for them. Let's all try to support Terri's parents in their fight to make Terri's horrible suffering something meaningful and never, never forgotten.

Click on the title of their book below to buy it from Amazon:

A Life That Matters: The Legacy of Terri Schiavo -- A Lesson for Us All. Read more!