Wednesday, October 19, 2005

In the black...

(Picture of House in winter is graphic art by Gabriela 14.)

Over the past 23 years I suspect:

I have changed approximately 41,965 diapers. (Discounting the diapers I have had help with.)

Laundered, folded and put away about 17,960 pairs of jeans, 35,880 shirts and I have no clue how many pairs of baby jammies or pairs of socks. Towels must number close to 47,840.

Washed, by hand, more than 93,954 plates and bowls, forgetting how many pots and pans there have been.

I have reminded children that they are too close to the TV probably more than 16,744 times.

Spent about 3192 days pregnant, more than 120 hours in labour, 6,510 days nursing a baby and still counting.

Swept or vacuumed more than 14,542 floors.

Picked up more than 83,720 toys.

Cooked approximately 19 Christmas dinners, and as many Easter and Thanksgiving dinners as well and probably 182,505 meals.

But the number of butterfly kisses, hugs, smiles, flowers, little notes, drawings and love I have received these past 23 years is simply impossible to tally up. I am definitly in the black!

(Picture above is by Teddy age 9, drawn in paint shop.) Read more!