Wednesday, August 06, 2008

A great thought...

Here is a post that shares a wonderful thought about love. I especially liked this line "...that many a morning, I did not feel loving. It is not necessary to feel in order to do, but the doing is so very necessary for the feelings. " To read the whole article you can Click Here.

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May I suggest...

...that you never, ever, EVER, no matter how irresistibly cute those brown eyes are,
or how adorable the chubby cheeks framed with the lovely soft red curls are,
allow them to entice you to acquiesce to the request of the owner, of these wonderful characteristics, to finish of the last of your cup of Tetley tea. Better to sacrifice the sinfully delicious eclair you were sneaking in before bedtime than to share the last of your tea.

Otherwise you might find yourself with a twitchy three year old who cannot, absolutely, positively cannot fall asleep. So she lies there telling you stories about bricks (???), reminisces about the hotel we visited last month and even cries a little about how she misses the pool. Finally in complete desperation and with the hope of being able to snooze, maybe just a little, you will seek a kid friendly cartoon on the instance watch feature of Netflix. Then you will lightly snooze to the back ground music of The Pebble and the Penguin until 4 am when said three year old will inform you it is over and in the time it takes you to cross the room in hopes of finding a little more sleep a la Netflix, she rolls over and is asleep.

Grateful, you will crawl back into the bed while also cursing yourself for having ever been so stupid as to have shared the last of your tea with a cute curly red headed three year old. However, you do not share that tidbit of information with your husband who also shared the agonies of this sleepless three year old. You will blissfully allow him to continue to simply wonder as to why she suddenly was unable to sleep until 4 am in the morning.

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