Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Simple Math...

12 Children
1 Wedding in 10 days (still double digits for 14 more hours)
6 roasts to order for hubby to cook for reception
11 children participating IN their sister's wedding
6 children starting new curriculum in 14 days
3 hours worked as secretary for home business
24 hours full time mum
10 pumpkin loaves to cook for reception
5 cups of dulce de leche to make... for reception
1 head dress left of three to make
4 baskets to stain and decorate
1 missing diaper bag located in West Virginia, ships home today...
+ X number of unknowns yet to be discovered

= brain dead and little to no blogging these days.

So my apologies to my faithful readers. You will be rewarded with the equivalent of THOUSANDS of words when I post wedding pictures.

In the meantime, keep this brain dead mother, who keeps calling the ring bearer the Flower Boy, in your prayers.

(P.S. My husbands doesn't think I should tell the bride that the above mentioned ring bearer CUT his bangs last week. WHAT do you think?) Read more!