Friday, October 06, 2006

Oh so tired......

I awoke this morning so tired and thought my normal morning thoughts “I’m soooo tired! I can’t remember the last time I woke up NOT tired.’ As I lay there in bed, I prayed for the energy to get up and then added “Hey God, maybe you throw a few graces my way too ‘cause I need more than energy today, to get out of bed. “

Yet, never mind being tired - who wouldn’t have a hard time getting out of bed surrounded as I was with cuddly little beings dosing me with huge kisses and hugs. On one side I had my 4 year old snuggled up blowing kisses into my ear and playing with my hair and sometimes screaming in delight as I tormented her toes by twisting them on their way to market. Elsa sat on my very full bladder, bouncing and chortling in delight, while she waited in great anticipation of having her toes tweaked and tortured. Frequently she leaned forward and showered my face with kisses.

Suddenly despite my great fatigue I felt my heart almost seem to expand. It was so very full of love! Yes - I am very tired, but I am also very loved. Read more!