Friday, August 12, 2005

Whose Living Room is It?

Do you ever do stupid things like getting mad again over something that happened a long, long time ago. And then lie awake for hours stewing about it - getting more and more incensed thinking about what you should have said and what you could say, if it were to happen again.

How about doing that until you finally fall sleep exhausted at 3 am, only to wake up to see that it actually has come to pass again!

Over the winter I was often frustrated and irritated by the fact that due to cold temps making the garage impossible to work in, my husband had to work with his equipment in the living room. Today - my living room floor was littered with projectors that my husband was testing, since he likes to use the white wall behind the couch as a screen.

While I sat there typing on the laptop writing a different story I intended to post today, I was expending much needed energy in ignoring this intricate design of silver boxes spread about the living room floor. Possibly reading my mind, my 19 yr old son ventured to ask me how I liked the current display? 'Padre spent hours designing it, I think he means it to be permanent.'

My husband sitting beside me snickered, and made a joke himself about it. I stared at him for a second before informing him how I had lost hours of sleep last night lecturing him mentally about all of this mess I had put up with in my living room all last winter. Now did my husband repent, and immeadiatly offer to remove these items?
No - he merely grinned and said;
"Well, there's your problem - if you would just think of it as MY living room instead of yours - it wouldn't bother you so much.... " Read more!