Thursday, August 11, 2005


I am very thankful!

The past week we have had a virus spreading through the house - typical symtoms - heach ache from fever - usually running between 103 - 104 f or 38.8 - 40 c with either an accompanying stomach ache or sore throat. Most of the children recovered with in 48 - 72 hrs and a few had sore throats that lingured longer.

However my little red head, Tanny Paul, decided to go a slightly different route and scare the Dickens out of me by running a fever that spiked at almost 105 f - or 41 c. Over the past 22 years of parenting/nursing - I have yet to have a temp hit that high. So I was scared.

Nathaniel braved a tempid bath and the little fellow, who hates "hot" baths, actually found it cold. Still - the temp would not fall below 40 c. We thought we were out of Motrin and clearly the Tylenol was not cutting it. A call had already been made to the Doctor's office and an appointment secured for the little fellow. I finally remembered a bottle of Motrin that I thought was tucked away in one of our many travel bags for the numerous family business trips we make yearly and checked. YES - it was there!

Got him to swallow the sticky orange goo, and watched the clock while we waited to leave. We are now 45 minutes away, instead of 15 from the doc's and the a/c is NOT working in my older son's car, (The family van still only drive forward!) and I did not want to be too early for his appointment since it was the first after lunch break, and I was not sure the doors would be open.

We finally got there - late. I will enventually adjust to the longer drive and start arriving on time again! Steam was raising off the wet pavement, and heating our knees as we hurried through the parking lot, Gabriela with her God-daughter in her arms, and I with Nathaniel in mine. He was too weak to walk, but did not seem as hot to me as when we had left home.

Despite the lateness of our arrival we were seen quite promptly - perhaps some other mother was also late - caught in traffic in the sizzingly heat, about 89 or so, not including the humidex. The nurse asked the normal questions and soon our favourite Dr. came in and chatted with Nathaniel who stared at him with his blue owl eyes, sometimes nodding yes to his questions, and at other times whispering no. Clearly his throat hurt. When teh Dr learned how high the temp had hit he was concerned about menigitus, but thankfully Nathaniel was able to move his neck and head just fine. Next the temperature check.....


How much more normal can you get, than that??? Isn't that always the way?

As a precaution, our pediatrician ran a strep test and while we were waiting the results - Nathaniel had his hearing retested as he had failed his last test several months earlier.


I am so happy! AND he also "passed" the strep test - so we are dealing with a "simple" virus - no more, no less! AND he doesn't need hearing aids - just possibly some speech thereapy. I am so happy! And I am so grateful!

Thank you Jesus, Mary and Josef for prayers heard and answered! Read more!