Wednesday, October 03, 2007

A nomination from a fellow blogger

Mum2twelve for her complete faith in God's providence during struggles in her daily life. Her posts are funny, warm and lovely.

Thank you Child of Mary for this lovely nomination. Here is the definition of this award:

Mathetes is greek for disciple and the role of the disciple to make more disciples by spreading the Good News. Winners of the Mathetes Award should choose five other bloggers who exemplify 'disciple' in their own way. As you bestow this award you should:
  1. Mention and provide links for this post as the originator of the award (Dan King of management by God).
  2. the person who awarded it to you and,
  3. name and sites of the five that you find are living the role as a disciple of Christ.

Well, first off, I would have to say that Danielle is certainly helping others live the life of Christ through her example, as is Holly Pierlot with her book and its supportive blog. Sadly a few of the blogs I would have liked to nominate have closed their blogs to the public so as to avoid negative comments.

But here are some great blogs where the writers are indeed good examples of following Christ and so... leading others into being disciples of Christ. One is a British blogger and she is: Catholic Mom of Ten. (Blush, it has been a little while since I have visited her site and apparently she has already been awarded this... well, now she has been awarded it twice!) And I am going to also nominate my own daughter. (Another blush) But truly her blog is filled with her faith.

Oh my, there are so many wonderful God Filled writers out there, how to choose. I guess I will add Regina Doman. I simply love the simplicity of her site and the way she shares how to spread God's peace in your home. We truly do need order in our lives so that we can experience and share God's peace.

Thank you again Child of Mary for such a humbling nomination. I often struggle with how much to share about our difficulties. Sometimes I worry that sharing too much of the difficult times will turn people away. Largely it is my hope that it is helpful because so many others suffer and have difficult times and it can be so depressing to read over and over how perfect someone's life appears - through a blog... And then we begin to wonder what is wrong with our life, that this week we could not pay the hydro bill on time, or a child broke his arm for the third time and the Doctor is starting to look at you in a funny way... (BTW, not our situation!) So I am glad to know that some people are drawing strength from our life examples, the good and the bad! Read more!