Monday, October 15, 2007

What does a shy two year old do…

…when faced within a three week period with the following;

A tour of the local YMCA which included a visit to the nursery and all its cool toys, play ground equipment and lots of strangers.

Begin attending daily Mass with lots of strangers.

Meeting a new family with eight kids and their six cousins…. then has breakfast at the home of the eight kids.

Whilst visiting the above mentioned family you discover they have a ten month old puppy… that is the same height as a two year old.

Join a new home schooling co-op… filled with more strangers.

Begin attending Friday Classes and hang out with a bunch of other preschoolers we no longer remember from last year.

Attend a Eucharistic Congress with Mummy and Daddy and a HUGE amount of strangers.

So how does a shy two year old deal with this?

Why she behaves like a typical two year old while in public but then comes home and has a complete melt down, refusing to leave Mummy’s side for more than a moment. Wakes frequently at night and is in such tune with Mummy’s movements that she even sits up from a sound sleep if said Mummy leaves the bed for a call of nature. She naps in Mummy’s arms… and eats her meals on Mummy’s lap. But hey, she is at least carrying on in a normal fashion while in public.

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