Monday, February 13, 2006

My Apologies... those who were subjected to this morning's post about books with its numerous errors and type os! I think I blushed when I re-read it after a spot of tea and a little more on the brain. In my defense, I will admit that I had a 3 year old on my lap while I was typing and that was slightly distracting. Still - I do apologize for such sloppy writing! Read more!

Gabriela and I have a date tonight...

We are planning on raiding the closet and hiding ALL the Barbie Dolls and their clothing. Every single piece, every strap, purse and esp. any boots. I think there will be mayhem if any of us have to dress a Barbie one more time for a certain little three year old who must sped her day undressing them faster than we can get the clothing on these 'fashion plates from H E double hockey sticks'! Even my 19 yr old has become immune to the naked dolls being shoved in his face with the command; "Dess her pease! I want DIS on her HEAD."

Today her father was snaggled into it, and when she saw his absent minded obedience she quickly gathered every naked body she could grasp in her chubby little arms and heaps of clothes. His mind suddenly snapped to and she was sent scurrying off to me. It was then that I whispered my dastardly plans to Gabriela.

I am not a huge fan of Barbie dolls, but they seem to have become a passage of rites in this family of seven girls and each one of the older girls have gone through this phase but really THREE is simply too young. I have decided to fall back on my old adage - "If you can't dress 'em - you're too young for 'em. " Normally my girls have not had access to Barbies at that tender age. But when you have four girls of such varying ages holed up in one bedroom - I guess it was ineveitable. However, the two oldest are not really into the Barbies anymore and Bethany played with them because they did. So I whispered to Gabriela as we both eyed this little monster who was seeking another victem, err assistant to help with yet another costume change for Barbie: "I don't think it will hurt Bethany to be without the dolls for a year."
To which Gabriela said; "I don't remember anyone helping me dress them, I had to figure it out myself. But then I guess I was much older."
"Exactly" I hissed back! "You were not playing with Barbies when you were THREE!"

Well - I need to go. Apparently Barbie has decided to change from her solid blue and lace confection to her light blue 'parkly dess. But that's okay I can handle it, after all, it's only two more hours to Operation Barbie Storm. Read more!

Books we are ploughing through this semester...

Anna and I have been tackling some of Austen's books - often fighting over who gets the copy of the story we are reading. We have now both read Pride and Prejudice and I have (for the second time) finished Emma. I finished first only by claiming seniority and therefore the right to read first, when ever I wanted. Sometimes I am a very selfish mother.

We gave several books from the Redwall series to the kids for Christmas and I am the one currently reading them. They are quite fun and exciting, and I think I will begin reading the first in the series to the children in the evenings. Miguel has picked up the ine I have just finished and, even though 19, is enjoying it immensely. So far his favourite character is Brother Hugo.

An old favourite that was just re-read here in the family is The Little Princess. Noah is has begun the Narnia series and is currently consuming the Voyage of the Dawn Treader. (We have the original series from the BBC on DVD and have watched it a few times this month.)

Teddy and Bethany have been devouring the Beverly Cleary books. So far, Teddy’s favourite of them is Henry and Beezus and Bethany’s can’t choose between Henry and Beezus or Ramona Forever.

Gabriela is hoping to read Freckles if we can find a new copy as ours has been worn completely out! She is also waiting for Anna to finish with Emma so that she can have a crack at it.

I have begun the daunting task of reading The Story of Britain , in hopes of using it as the basis for a history course on Britain next year. This semester for our history course we are going to watch a series of DVDs I have chosen from NetFlix. We have received the first one on my list, but we have encountered a slight problem. I assume, in the name of economics, the maker of our 50 dollar DVD player has manufactured it so that it can only be controlled by the remote control.

The remote has been dropped one time too many.

So either we need to find a universal remote that will work with this brand and model of DVD player, or we need to buy a new player. I’m voting for a new player as the remote will probably cost almost as much as a player.

Well – the timer has gone and recess is over so watch for the list of historical DVDs later.

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