Wednesday, April 08, 2009


This is an email I received today from a friend. I can not imagine the emotional pain her family is in. (I have removed the children's names and left only the first initial:

her request:

I am soliciting prayers for our foster son J.
He has been with us since he was 9 days old, and now he is 17
months old. We already have adopted his blood sibling
M. , and we have already adopted J in our hearts, if
not in the law. J is in danger of being repossessed. The
birth mother is out of the picture, but the judge seems
determined to give custody of the baby to the birth father. The
birth father is a single 58 year old man who has never raised a
child and who claims to be on call 24/7 for his job.

J has had 3 weeks of 8.15am to 4.15 pm visits twice per week with the
birth father. Beginning Wednesday, April 8, the baby will go to
the birth father on Wednesday morning and return to us on
Thursday evening. These overnight visits will continue through
May when the court will review the case again. If nothing
terrible has happened, we believe the visits will be extended

Please pray for this baby and for a healing of this situation.
Please pray that J will go (selfishly, I say remain in) to
his true home. Please pray with Christian love for the birth
father, for the judge, and for all those involved in deciding the
fate of this child. Please just pray. This baby needs all the
prayers that people can offer up for him. He is nonverbal and
much too young to have any of this explained to him. Please pray
for our family that we can remain in the love and peace of the
Lord no matter what happens. Please feel free to pass this
request along to anyone who you think would be interested.

Thanks for praying.

Love, Ellen


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Had to roll the thermostat up a notch or two, pull the down filled comforter back out from its summer's nesting spot, grab a long sleeved pajama top before crawling into bed last night. Winter's having one last stubborn fling before fleeing for the year. Guess I will also need to grab a pair of socks this morning after going barefoot in my sandals all last week.

Still - the dogwood is blooming as are the azaleas, so spring is definitely just around the corner.

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I just have to ask ...

... how is that little babies that are too small to crawl around, play in dirt or otherwise get dirty manage to get dirt under their toenails and fingernails? How is that possible?

... and how is it that I can be so clever, thinking of the most funny posts at 2 am and not remember a word, not a single word of my thoughts in the morning - except for my last thought before sleep; "I just have to remember that one!"

I just had to ask!

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