Monday, March 24, 2008

Answer to Mary Ann's claims that Opus Dei is...

... an organization created by a fascist and that my right wing morals will drive my children away, I have the following videos for you. I took the time to do this research for you, Mary Ann. I hope you will take the time to watch these videos.

As Bishop Fulton Sheen stated "Not 100 in the United States hate the Roman Catholic Church, but millions hate what they mistakenly think the Roman Catholic Church is." I think this quote could also be applied to Opus Dei and its members. If any of my other readers are not acquainted with Opus Dei, or worse, the only knowledge you have of it is from the Da Vinci Code; please take the time to watch these short and enjoyable videos. Each of these links will take you to a page where you will find numerous other videos, testimonies and writings. Enjoy...

Doug Hinderer
A corporate executive talks about growing up, finding Opus Dei, family issues, and misconceptions about Opus Dei.
to view video CLICK HERE

Ana Samuel
A political philosophy grad student talks about becoming a supernumerary, a typical day in her life, and the role of women in Opus Dei.
To view video CLICK HERE

Andrea Feehery
On the hospitality staff at Shelbourne Conference Center in Indiana, Ms. Feehery talks about her work as a numerary assistant, how she joined Opus Dei, and the reactions of her friends.
To view video CLICK HERE

For a taste of St. Jose Maria Escriva:

Click HERE
Click HERE
Click HERE

If, Mary Ann, after perusing these videos and writings you are still feeling so hostile towards Opus Dei and its members; at least you will know who and what it is you hate as opposed to who you think you hate. But please do not leave anymore hate filled comments for me to post as I will not inflict such angry and hate filled comments on my readers. May God Bless you Mary Ann! Read more!

A full 48 hours...

... and so far no one has frozen, misplaced or otherwise messed up our bank account!
(Although I can't get my ATM card to work yet...)
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An almost 3 year old conversations:

Elsa: "I am a baby bear, Mummy!" (said as she snuggled up to mummy)

Mummy: "Oh you are? Well - you are a very pretty bear!"

Elsa smiles and adds: "I am a very sparkly bear!"

Mummy: "Ohhhh! Yes, you are a very sparly bear.

Elsa smiles.

Mummy: "This little bear has very pretty eyes."

Elsa smiles.

Mummy: "This little bear has a very pretty bear nose!"

Elsa sighs: "But I don't talk. Bears don't talk."


Elsa: "Mummy I have a cut on my foot. LOOK!"

Mummy checks foot over carefully and manages to find a tiny speck that could possibly be an injury if one really stretched their imagination. "Oh - I see it Elsa!"

Elsa: "Yes - A monster did that to me!"

Mummy: "A monster?"

Elsa "Yes - a MONSTER and it put mud in it!"

Mummy: "It did?"

Elsa: "Yes it did and now I need a band-aid"


Elsa: "Mummy there is a 'pider on the wall and it's going to eat me!"

Mummy: "Then you better get on Gabriela's lap."

Elsa: "Look Lala - there is a pider on the wall."

Lala: "Hmmm?"

Elsa: (growling very loudly) "LALA - you better look at the 'PIDER ON THE WALL, OR IT IS GOING TO EAT YOU ALL UP!!"

Careful examination of the wall unveiled.... nothing! Not even the tiniest spider and certainly not one big enough to eat us ALL UP! We just have a very imaginative two year old.


"Oh by the way Mummy - I have to use the pottie" this said while dancing and squirming on her tippy toes. Read more!