Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Why do we no longer respect historical landmarks...

I have no words to share my sorrow with to see the destruction of a beautiful church such as the one being destroyed in NYC. The least I can do is share the link to the the website decicated to saving this work of art and piece of Irish history.

Go HERE to help save a piece of history!

Go directly to the history of this church ... here.

Here are some more personal photos of this church taken by a friend of a church, who was actually married in it. Lor's photos
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Crafts all afternoon....

Busy Beavers!

Cutting paper rather than your dress, even "axadently", is much more preferable!

Putting final touches on....

...this awesome car!

The end result of a happy and quiet afternoon that allowed one tired mummy
to take a much needed rest!
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"Mummy", my son grumbled as he pushed the mop across the kitchen floor. He lifted the mop and looked at how dirty it was on the bottom.

"Emmm," I replied from the stove.

"Nobody washed the floor yesterday... oh wait, that was me!" Read more!