Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Sibling love...

Emma (3) and Nathaniel(5) are the best of friends and the worst of enemies. Emma knows just what buttons to push and how to torture Nathaniel to get a rise out of him. On occasion, though, it is Nathaniel who is at fault.

Yesterday was one of those days. He went rushing by Emma and pushed her as he went by making her bump her head. The tears that gushed were more from hurt feelings than pain and before she could spit out her standard pay back; "I not your fwend any more Tanny Paul!" one of the kids spoke up:

"Nathaniel! You hurt your little sister! You need to fix that!"

Emma immeadiatly crumpled onto the bottom step, face away from Nathaniel. Smothering a smile I added:
"Yes, Nathaniel you need to say sorry, and give her a hug. "

He leaned over her, and tried to kiss her head.
"Torry Emma!"
She wanted none of it. She preferred to remain the injured party. Not to be thwarted, Nathaniel wrapped his arms around her neck to hug her. Emma growled and tried to push him away, catching him off balence. Still clutching her neck Nathaniel fell backwards. Refusing to let go, he wrestled with Emma until he had he gotten a solid hug in.

Satisfied that he had fulfilled his duty, he stood up and walked away leaving her on the ground. Emma laid there for a minute until apparently she decided it was fruitless to pursue the "arguement" any further, and got up and went her way.

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