Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Taking Applications!

My six year old red headed Tanny Paul appears to be quite the ladies's man these days. He is very helpful to the women at all of the dinners at the church. Often pulling chairs, that once folder are taller than himself, to the portable chair rack and offering to help wash the tables. Of course, the ladies are quite tickled by this gentlemanly behaviour. When we were living in the Raleigh area, Tanny Paul actually had a 'girl friend'. One of my closest friends, a very beautiful strawberry blond mum of seven, would often come by to visit and she had a special spot in her heart for Nathaniel. She began to call him her "boy friend." It was special for Nathaniel, there being no aunts or uncles to come and visit, no near by God parents to impart that feeling of being extra special to someone outside the family.

Obviously Nathaniel has been missing his girl friend, Dorry, as yesterday he came and sat down beside me and laid his head on my shoulder. A deep sigh issued from him and he said;
"Mummy, I need a new dirl fweind, when can I det a new dirl fweid."

Having been resting my eyes - they now popped open. He needed a what, a new what? Girl friend? There has been a lot of talk lately about girlfriends, boyfriends and engagements here in our house lately but six years old, well is just entirely too young to be thinking of girlfriends.

I straightened up and looked at my son's round blue eyes.

"Did you say girl friend Nathaniel?" I asked.

He nodded "Yeah, I need a new dirl fweind. When can I det one?"

"Oh, well Nathaniel," I began by taking a deep breath. "You are MUCH too young to be thinking about girlfriends..."

"Oh Mummy!!" he interrupted me. I mean a dirlfwiend like Dorry!"

"Oh!" I said.

Dorry! You had best drop by soon - your boyfriend is looking for a replacement.

Applications can be picked up at the door! Read more!