Friday, March 24, 2006

The Race Continues...

Closing in on the finish line is Anna with three racers, Noah, Gabriela and Bethany in hot pursuit. When interviewed about her progress Gabriela commented; "I would do better if I remembered to count my coupons at the end of the day!"

Racer Benjamin, aka Bear Man, is hoping there will be a large crowd coming in second in hopes that he will be able to join the winner at the local gas station to pick out snacks for the movie night that the racer to first cross the finish line gets to plan.

The race organizer is pleased with the fact that for a solid week now the bedrooms have been clean and beds made. "It seems" she is rumoured to have said, "that it has caught on in general, that this is an easy coupon."

When asked if she would replace this option for earning a coupon with something more difficult in future races she declined to comment, stating only; "I want to leave all options open."

Watch for upcoming progress reports on the race. May the best cleaner win! Read more!