Monday, January 09, 2006


I have to confess that the Three Kings are way late at our house and I was met with great cries of distress when the children discovered this morning they still had not come as promised last night. But when you have been on the road all day and only cruised into the driveway at midnight and had to unload a van full of sleepy heads, as well as clean the rental van out... Well - you tend not to remember things like "leaving the back door open for the kings".

I had to do some quick thinking as I was faced with a row of sad faces.

"But the house was messy, and the table was not set, and, and uh I didn't have much for the Kings to put out, so it didn't seem to make much sense for them t0 come last night. AND we didn't have any carrots either..."

This was met by a few raised eyebrows. All throughout the day there were some grumblings about lost Kings as well as concerned whispering about the year when they just didn't arrive at all - NOT... AT... ALL! There was speculation about why that was. Perhaps messy bedrooms??
We cleaned ALL day and still did not get to the bedrooms, but hope springs eternal and after the rosary this evening, the question was raised again - would the Kings perhaps come tonight?

However - I still did not get out to the Dollar Store which is JUST down the road and we still do not have any carrots! So the children are borrowing some of Marzi's (the guinea pig) hay for the camels and Christmas mugs, filled with fresh water for the kings, have been left out after a debate as to whether it should be milk or water. (I voted for water being its such a long trek from the desert and water being so scarece there... and uh, they like Goats milk - which we don't have...)

So I am off to root out the chocolate gold coins hidden in my closet to leave out for the three kings to distribute, and and I'm afraid not much else. The economy might be booming and perhaps the dow closed at over 1100 tonight - but I'm afraid these kings have not had much time nor money to spend on the Epiphany this year - more lacking in time that money. The dollar store might be just down the road, but getting there is another story!

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