Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Thought Provoking Shirt

Anna and I were out running errands today and a woman stopped, backed up and leaned into our isle and whispered to Anna; "I like your shirt!"

My head swiveled towards Anna as she replied in a surprised tone "Oh, thanks!"

What shirt did she have on today anyway, ran through my mind. Then I smiled as I read the message on the front of her shirt.


Later as we waited in line for our fries (medium size only and first taste of a fry in weeks!) I noticed another woman staring at Anna in a peculiar way, this time Anna was facing away from her. Already having forgotten the message t-shirt Anna was wearing I was a bit taken aback by the hostility on her face. I glanced back at Anna and there on her back of the t-shirt was the following.

Alice Paul
original Author of ERA

Students for Life of America

Feminists for Life

Aha, clearly this woman did not care for Anna's choice of fashion. And possibly does not care for Anna's opinion about a woman's choice either. However, I love Anna's t-shirt and I think I might get one for me!
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Good friends...

Today I heard a knock on my door and Emma's little voice called through it to me.


'Yes Emma...'

'Can I tell you how much I love my new friend?'

'Of course, Emma - how much do you love your new friend?'

Deep breath followed by: 'As much as Jesus loves me!'

'Wow,' I replied. 'THAT'S a LOT!'

And isn't that what we are asked to do, to love like Jesus, even if it hurts. I'm so glad that at four years of age, Emma is already beginning to measure her love in this way. Read more!