Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Bobby Schindler Speaks out.

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How I wish baby Orajel had been available in swab forms years ago? No more messy gel dripping down my fingers as I try to carefully dab the stuff on the suffering baby's swollen gums while I, instead, lather her tongue. Now, I simply break the tip off the q-tip and the gel conviently drips down the hollow tube to the swab on the bottom. Then I can accuratly dab this instant relief where ever I see an emmerging tooth or swollen gum. I follow this up with a dose of Motrin and we are ready for a relatively peaceful night.

Thank you Orajel and Motrin! And now Elsita and I will toddle off to bed and hopefully sleep (not counting mid night snacks to get Elsa though till breakfast) until 6:15 tomorrow morning!

(BTW, I only use this combo of Orajel and Motrin when it is clearly evident she is teething and can not fall asleep because of the pain. Years ago, when my third baby, now 20, was teething I was warned, by a medical practioner, against using Orajel too much as it could cause a thinning {or was it a thickening?} of the gums if overused. So, I have always kept its use to a minimum.) Read more!