Sunday, January 28, 2007

Who needs an electric blanket...

...on these cold nights, when I have two cuddle bugs each competing to see who can crowd the closest to me. Come Spring, though, with its warmer temps - I am sure I will have a completely different view of this double blessing! Maybe I will pull a Danielle trick and ask; "Where's Daddy?" Read more!

"Our feelings are hurt!"

"Mummy", Anna asked, "Do you know what Emma says these days when her feelings are hurt?"

No, I replied.

"Our feelings are hurt!"

"Oh?" I laughed, "She has begun to use the royal we?"

"No," answered Anna. "The first time she said that I asked what she meant by our feelings, and she said; mine and Jesus' feelings are hurt cause Jesus lives in me!"

But thinking in retropsect I concluded that it is a royal "we" of a sort. After all, Jesus is king of our hearts and minds, is He not? Read more!

Money makes the world go round...

Our young adult son recently mused aloud to himself, after spending a few hours opening a new bank account in order to save on monthly fees; "I wonder why I worry so much about having a bank account when I almost never have any money to put in it?"

I am afraid that at 45 - I could ask the same! Read more!