Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Job....

I have wonderful news to share with my readers. After using our savings to live on so that Hugo could go back to graduate school in hopes of improving his chances of a job, he has indeed procured a job. He has been hired to teach in a private school as the technology teacher. As an entry level teacher his salary is on the lower end of the scale so we are not totally out of the woods, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

We are continuing to pursue the creation of our seminar business and have already taught one seminar in Spanish last weekend. We are scheduled to teach another at the end of June. We are very excited by all of this.

However this excitement is tempered by the fact that it will be August before the salary for the new job kicks in and bills still need to be paid and we are praying we can move to the town where the job is located. There are many reasons for this. Chiefly with the gas prices moving up and our only vehicle being a 15 passenger van - well you can do the math and see that an already tight budget will be squeezed significantly by the cost of gas. Add in that the van has over 200,000 miles and is monthly spewing out this belt and that belt and revealing a hole here and there you live with the constant fear that this trip is its last trip and we are too far from the town to expect another teacher to be able to swing by and pick him up should the van be out of commission for a day or two.

But if any of you have been unemployed for a significant period or have been self employed - you are well aware the negative impact this can have on your credit history - the life blood of today's economy. So renting a home in the new town might prove dicey... Another straw on the proverbial camel's back is that the rent is about to go up where we are... Add that to the increasing gas costs.... our worries are high.

So we are extremely grateful for the job and all the wonderful opportunities this door is opening for us - but we could use some prayers as we face these new challenges. God is good and we thank Him for these blessings and now humbly ask Him to guide us in the decisions facing us the next couple of weeks as we must make a decision about this house within the next week. Very scary...

THANK YOU all for your past prayers and continued prayers!
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