Tuesday, April 21, 2009


When you check this olde post out - keep in mind it is from FOUR years ago so those numbers have increased - including number of days pregnant. Click here to enjoy some fun numbers!

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What am I doing?

O n e ........ t w ooo ..... t h r e e ...... f o u r ...... f i v e ......

What am I doing? Playing a game obviously. I am playing it while I sit in my rocking chair, resting my sore back, cuddling the most delicious 3 month old.

Here is how it goes. I point to something out of place to Emma, something to Tanny and Elsa sits and watches. Wisely I don't point out anything to her.

"So Emma and Nathaniel", I slyly say, "I am going to count to twenty see if you can put that away before I get to twenty. " Elsa watches as they scurry to beat me. Usually by 11 they are back, eager for another challenge. Before too long Elsa wistfully asks if I'm going to give her a chance to pick something up.

What do I call this game? Why 3 pm chores, of course - but don't tell them that, ok? That's our little secret between just you and I!
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