Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Look whos 5, no 6, no 8...

Someone had a birthday this month... and here is how we greeted her on her birthday. (Have I ever mentioned we are terrible teases in our family?)

Oh Emma, it's your birthday today!
(BIG GRIN on her face)
Happy Birthday! said Hugo
"Yes," I added "you are FIVE today - right?"
"No" she smiled.
"Oh - six?"
"No no no!"
Hugo asked - "Are you eight already?"
"Hmmm," we pondered. "Are you nine?"
Her grin got bigger "NO!"
"Ten, eleven??"
Bethany called over - "She's twelve!"
"Well," I said, "she can't be four 'cause Elsa's four!"
"You skipped one" - Emma giggled.
"We skipped one? Which one?"
"I'm SEVEN" she proclaimed proudly!

Yes, seven wonderful years since you were born one merry month in 2002. That year the "big" boys, Jonathan and Miguel, started high school and you joined us the weekend Jenny was visiting Belmont Abbey. We tricked her into thinking I was in labour when Daddy went to pick her up from the train station and the look of surprise when she walked in the hospital room and you were in my arms was priceless. She was instantly in love - as we all were.

You are such a sweet sunny girl with a feisty temper - I have NO idea who you get that from!

We love you little girl!!

Aunty Boo and her little niece Lydia Marie

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