Friday, October 17, 2008

Oh my Gosh....

How did I find this video? Well - first I visited Far Beyond Pearls who sent me to Tales from the Bonny Blue House. And there I saw this video, well - really more like a sound track.

It is from Howard Stern who is talking about how shocked he is by the responses from Harlem voters when asked questions like, which policy of Obama are you more in favour of - his prolife stance or the fact he plans to keep the troops in Iraq? To hear their answers just go here.

While Howard Stern is know for his vulgarity and foul language - this clip is completely clean. I can vouch for this as I listened to it in its entirety.

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A bill came through my email today.

And you will never guess who and what it was for!

One of my sons has a collection of teeth that have fallen out and I have found since we moved to the South almost 12 years ago - that the tooth fairy just has not been as prompt as she was up North. I have tried to blame it on the laid back atmosphere of the southern culture. None the less - my son was not buying it, especially as he now had a collection of three teeth waiting to be redeemed by the M.I.A. tooth fairy.

He brought this up again recently at the lunch table and I suggested that perhaps he should invoice the tooth fairy, you know, send her a bill.

"WHAT?" he exclaimed. "Where would I send it, I have no idea where she even lives."

I just smiled and said, "well, just send it to whomever you think might be able to get it to her."

Then tonight I got this in my email: subject line read Tooth Fairy Debt/Bill

Tooth Bill

1 Tooth More than 2 month(s) old |$2.00

1 Tooth More than 1 month(s) old |$2.00

1 Tooth 3 weeks old |$1.50

Long Time of waiting ,Charges |$0.50

Total |$6.00


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