Friday, January 12, 2007

One more prayer Request

Please pray for Jen and her family's tragic loss.
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Prayer Request

Please pray for X... (not the mother in the above posting) who is being induced this evening and is very worried about being induced. It is her third baby but her first induction. Please pray for her unborn baby.

Please join me in my pleas to our Mother in Heaven for her to place her mantle of protection over X. and her precious unborn baby. Ask her for her prayers for X. that the Holy Spirit will fill her with peace, strength and endurance.

Please also pray for her providers and her birth coach.

Thank you all for your prayers!
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So much to say and so little time

There is so much I have to share, both funny, serious and spiritual, but so little time to say it in.

I am plogging along in my studies for the DOULA certification. So far the books that I have been reading are meant for midwifery, even though on the required reading list.

I have a personal prayer request for all who read my blog. My husband, Hugo, has applied for two jobs, one locally and one in Columbus. While I hate the idea of moving, I do really like Columbus, but as much as I like Columbus, I hate the idea of leaving two adult childrne behind in the South, esp my daughter who is about to embark on married life. So I think I would prefer the job here in nearby Charlotte. But it is hard to believe that we will even get a response to the resume and letter, never mind an interview! We have just had such a difficult past five years that it is hard to believe that something postitive will come our way. And that thought is a perfect introduction to my spiritual thought.

Most, no, all who know the difficulties of the past five years are simply astounded by all that has fallen on us. It is hard to understand the why, so we have come to the conclusion that it is better to focus on acceptance. But it is very, very hard to accept what feels at times like total abandoment by God.

A friend shared this
excerpt from The Life of Padre Pio with me the other day:

"We can gather some faint idea of what God was working in the depths of Padre Pio's soul from the letters of this period. Speaking of his own sinfulness and wretchedness he says: "How difficult, Father, is the way of Christian perfection for a soul so ill-disposed as mine. My badness makes me fearful at every step I take" (4.7.1915). In this state of soul God often withdraws his presence for long periods and the sufferer can even believe himself lost: "Peace has been completely banished from my heart. I have become absolutely blind. I find myself enveloped in a profound night and no matter how I turn and toss I cannot find the light. How then can I walk before the Lord ? ... He has rightly thrown me among the everlasting dead whom He no longer remembers" ( 8.3.1916).

God permits, for the good of His servant, horrible temptations against faith when the soul seems no longer even to believe: "My Father, how difficult it is to believe"; and against hope: "It sees itself wholly rejected by the Lord." ( 8.3.1916). To these are added other trials of aridity and desolation through which the mystic enters more deeply into the knowledge of his own wretchedness before God and in the end feels himself forsaken by all. The devil too is let loose to plague the soul by all manner of diabolical temptations and illusions, in fact the mystic comes to feel himself so abandoned by God that he wonders whether all is not simply the work of Satan."

I do believe we are in a battle with Satan in our family. Surprisingly this gives me great courage. Instead of feeling abanonded, I feel challenged to give my all to our prayer life. All the more reason to continue in my decision to give up full time blogging and stick to weekly posts. Our prayer life, which the past month has fallen to even lower priorities that ever, needs to be revived.

How should we purge our homes?

(Click here to read the whole article, but note that this is not good reading for a young child. While one should be aware of the existence of Satan, we do need to protect the innocence of our children. )

We can pray the Rosary, says Father Fortea, "read the Bible together,
sprinkle Holy Water in the various rooms, come together before a holy image
and beg protection and so forth. The persistent prayer of a family, over the
course of several weeks or months, can completely destroy the demonic
infestation in their house."

After reading the complete article, I am more determined than ever to increase my personal prayer time and renew our family prayer life. Do I still waste time worrying. Sadly, yes. We have bills to pay and the business is still slow so please keep us in your prayers as well, as we come up on these deadlines.

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A little fun...

This past week we have been playing a game based on economics and goverment as a unit study. It is a game we are creating, to some degree, as we go along. For money we are using Monopoly bills.

Elsa, at the ripe old age of 20 months is a keen obsservor and has noted the enthusiastic passing of ten dollar, hundred dollar and even one dollar bills back and forth as we engage in the bartering for services and objects of desire.

Yesterday, as I was noting a deposit made by my eight year old daughter in our little black book (Soon to be transfered to an EXCEL program and handled by the 'banker" we 'hired' this morning.) Elsa appeared by our side gleefully waving several white one dollar bills in our faces. She carefully extricated a one dollar bill from her other fist and passed it to us with great finesse and then grinned expectantly at us. Bethany and I laughed and took the dollar bill and thanked her for her payment. She twirled on her heel and while Bethany and I speculated as to where she had found the dollar bills and whose they were she returned, more gleeful than before, and with yet a greater fistful of bills. This time she cheerfully paid us a few hundred dollars as well as a fifty dollar bill. She was very proud of her new found purchasing power. However, what she was purchasing remained a mystery to us, and she did not seem anxious to reveal it. She was just happy to keep showering us with bills.

But all good things must come to an end and the owner finally arrived to claim her much needed Monopoly money, lamented she had not yet opened a bank account and then quickly sped away with Elsa in hot pursuit, screaming her protests of what, to her mind, was nothing short of having been held up and robbed.

And now, I must keep my appointment with the new banker and show him how to post all of our accounts into an EXCEL program. Until next Friday ~ GOD BLESS
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