Sunday, June 14, 2009

I am sad to say

...that one too many editorial disagreements between Blaze and my assistant blogger has lead to Marley (aka Ninja) to pack his bags in a huff and move to the local SPCA where he is waiting for reassignment so if anyone would care for a most excellent should partner I can forward job offers to his new address.

In truth, Marley's life was in danger from a rather impetuous puppy who was overly friendly in his attempts to play with Marley. The last straw was when he accidentally pawed one of the children in the face, just missing her eye as he tried to reach Marley. I had for days been trying to decide whether to keep the kitten or not - that accident made it abundantly clear. A kitten and a puppy do not good bed fellows make. We need the dog but we do not need another cat at this time.... But I do miss his editorial assistance.

(Note Blaze is very good about not pawing at the children, has learned to sit, wait and is generally well behaved, but he just could not resist playing with that little furball that looked like a living toy!)

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