Monday, October 08, 2007

Round and round the mulberry bush...

Tonight as I was gathering Emma and Elsa up to take upstairs to bed, Emma discovered that 2 year old Elsa was decorated with the beautiful locket that Anna had recently given Emma on her fifth birthday. Needless to day Emma was not terribly pleased. Not only is the locket pretty - it is a very fresh possession and, as such, still very highly prized!

She made to snatch it from Elsa and Elsa ,seeing the hand forthcoming, danced out of reach singing; "Mine!" Instinctively she knew what Emma was after. I saw a disaster about to unfold. Should Emma make contact with the necklace and Elsa manage to shimmy away at that moment - the locket would break and two hearts with it.

Quickly I whispered to Emma: "Its your locket! Don't worry. I know it is your locket. Just let Elsa borrow it and in a while she will give it back." I held my breath...

Emma's lips were formed to call "Mine." but the word died away and she glanced at me quickly and then smiled.

She pranced away and tucked her hand in mine and we turned towards the stairs. She called over her shoulder to Elsa; "Okay Elsa, it's mine but you can borrow it."

Elsa's face lit up as she made to follow us. "Thank you Emma, for letting me to wear it on mine neck!"

'You're welcome!" called Emma in return.

And all was peaceful... until we got to the bathroom...

"Mine", they called in unison reaching for the same pink tooth brush.

(Still, I was right about one thing... Elsa cheerfully gave the locket back shortly after the last tussle over tooth brushes!) Read more!